Greenville - USA

This year we had perfect weather for planting: mild temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and wet soil from prior days of rain.
The soil on our school campus is filled with rocks and riddled with weeds.
The work was not easy! We planted a total of 98 King Alfred daffodil bulbs (some students were absent) on November 21.
Each student dug a whole 6 inches deep (or as deep as possible!).
A tablespoon of bulb food was put in the bottom of each hole.
After sprinkling dirt on top of the food (the bulb cannot touch the food!), a daffodil bulb was placed in each hole.
Students thoroughly filled each hole with gardening soil.
A great bonus….2 days of rain followed planting day! So our bulbs are good to go for the winter.
We cannot wait to see how many bloom in the spring!