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I was introduced to the Buffy-verse in December of 2004. Within 4 months, I had watched every episode of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and Angel (also Firefly). It didn't take me long to discover the disturbing world of fan fiction on the internet.


After reading several fanfics that intrigued me, my mind started developing its own stories based on Buffy characters. The results are  the fanfics that I have linked below. Backfire is still a work in progress, and I'm also working on a sequel to Listening & Lies.


Tainted Love
Location: Spuffy Realm
Summary: What if Willow's spell in "Something Blue" had ended just a little too late. This story explores a darker side of Buffy.
This is an NC-17 rated story
Main Characters: Buffy/Spike
*Nominated at Primordial Souls Awards!* (Round 3) (PSA site is closed)



Listening & Lies
Location: I Need a Parrot
Non-slash story of a unique bond between two men who have more in common than they think.
Rated PG-13 for language
Main Characters: Spike & Xander
*Nominated at White Knight Awards! (Round 2)*








Worlds Away (completed 4/13/06) 
Twisting the Hellmouth
Buffy/Firefly/Serenity Crossover
Willow attempts to rid their world of Caleb. It works...sort of. So who is this strange new man in town who looks exactly like him?

In the Buffy-verse, begins after the events in season 7's Empty Places. They've kicked Buffy out and voted Faith as leader. Also, Giles has already sent Spike away on the mission mission, but Andrew didn't go with him. Plus, major spoilers for the movie Serenity and the final eps of Buffy. Also a familiarity with the Pylea dimension from Angel's 2nd season is helpful.
Rated PG-13 for language and violence

Main Character:


Worlds Away

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4



My LiveJournal
Summary: Spike's got a plan. Xander's the pawn. And Angel just meddles. The three find themselves in the very last place they would ever expect. And not anywhere close to where they want to be.
Setting: Season 2, a few days after Parent-Teacher Night (School Hard, ep 2.3)

This is an NC-17 rated slash story
WARNINGS: This story is getting darker and darker the more I write. It might get pretty bad. We're talking sexual violence and death. But it's not done yet, so we'll see. 
Main Characters: Xander/Spike/Angel


Fang Fetish Awards for Best Spander and Best Dark Fiction (Round 4)



Sunnydale Memorial Awards for Best New Author, Best Drama, and Best Plot (Round 9)




Chapter 1 - Plan A

Chapter 2 - Panic

Chapter 3 - The Reason

Chapter 4 - The Pull

Chapter 5 - So Much Worse

Chapter 6 - Tilt-A-Whirl

Chapter 7 - Touching

Chapter 8 - Domestic Bliss

Chapter 9 - Routine

Chapter 10 - Minor Deaths

Chapter 11 - Giving and Taking

Chapter 12 - Something New

Chapter 13 - Coming Home

Chapter 14 - Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Chapter 15 - Mistletoe

Chapter 16 - Hot Chocolate and Hot Topics

Chapter 17 - Asking For It

Chapter 18 - Sacrifice

Chapter 19 - The End of the Whole Mess

Chapter 20 - Plan B 

Completed! - 7/23/06



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Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. All belongs to the twisted mind of Joss Whedon and the Mutant Enemy universe.
Thanks for letting me play!