The Islamic Center of Daejeon
대전 이슬람 센터

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

This Website has been prepared to introduce the Islamic Center of Daejeon (ICD) and its activities to the public and to encourage good people around the world to donate for its cause.   The Website is also intended to serve the Muslim community in Daejeon by providing necessary information about different matters of their interest.

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 Regular Weekly Activities
between Maghrib - Isha

 Islamic Dars
(between Maghrib and Isha)
After 'Isha

Small Islamic Talk
(after Isha)

Welfare Issues
If you want to see other useful information (e.g., Housing Information, Shopping Places, Transportation, Tourism, etc), you can directly access our Bulletin Board by clicking the below link :

ICD Bulletin Board

Map of ICD
Basement Floor :
Brothers' Main Prayer Room

2nd Floor (number 201 & 202) :
Sisters' Main Prayer/Activity Room

3rd Floor :
  • Halal Food Shop
  • Toilet/Wudhu Area
  • Kitchen
  • ICD's Office
  • Class Room

4th Floor / 5th Floor :
Brothers' Prayer Room

 Halal Food Service Schedule
After JUMMAH Prayer
(around 1.45 PM)
SATURDAYFor Brothers: 
After Saturday Dars

For Sisters:
5 mintues after Maghrib
SUNDAY Between Maghrib and Isha

Ramadhan 2013

17 May 2013

Special Lectures of Ramadhan 2013:

Latest Khutbah of Mufti Abdulwahab in ICD:
 First Jummah Prayer at Permanent Mosque !

Qur'an in English/Korean Translation
(성꾸란 - 한국어)

Qur'an Ebook in Korean

ICD's Jamaah Praying Schedule

Jamaah Time at ICD
5:40 AM
 12:55 PM
 4:00 PM
Maghrib   5 min. after Adhan
8:30 PM

7:50 PM

Praying Schedule for Whole Year (Daejeon)

JUMMAH(Friday) PRAYER : 12:45 (whole year)