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Intra-vehicle Communication

In-vehicle wireless camera system
Conducted research and built a testbed for a in-vehicle wireless camera system. Measurement and analysis of 802.11 wireless LAN based wireless camera performance and UWB based wireless camera performance were conducted and compared. Identified problems and solutions for UWB-based system. Designed and conducted performance evaluation of UWB-based wireless camera system.


Intra-vehicle wireless sensor network systems
Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology attracts attention from automotive manufacturers as a potential way to construct an intra-vehicle wireless sensor network, which is also called Networked Control System (NCS). Given that modern vehicles incorporate tens of sensors to provide vital sensor information such as temperature, air quality, tire pressure, distances to nearby objects, etc., for the electronic control units (ECUs), the NCS inevitably operates in a multi-user interference (MUI) environment. Intra-vehicle wireless sensor networks (IVWSNs) enable sensor technologies to be integrated into vehicles and provide part-cost, assembly and maintenance savings, as well as fuel efficiency through the elimination of wires. UWB communication is considered a competitive candidate for IVWSNs. In this project, we summarize the channel models of different IVWSN scenarios, and the error-rate performance of UWB propagation for these IVWSNs is compared and investigated under different transmission schemes. Extensive analysis has been done for indoor and outdoor environments.