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adbrite AdBrite is an Ad Network that provides publishers with various ways to monetize their website(s). AdBrite tries to sell publisher’s adspace for a flat rate and for the time the publisher’s adspace remains unsold, AdBrite will put CPC or CPM ads on the adspace depending upon the options the publisher has selected. Other Ad formats such as Inline Ads and BritePic Ads are also available. Generally, your adspace won’t get sold for a flat rate unless you are a large publisher with a substantial amount of traffic. That means AdBrite will most of the time act as a CPC Ad Network, much like Google AdSense.

Different Ad Formats available at AdBrite:

  • Text and Banner Ads : Paid on either CPC or CPM basis, these are either plain text or image ads.
  • Full Page Ads : These are CPV (Cost Per View) ads. Full Page Ads appear in between two pages of a publisher’s site, usually after a visitor’s third pageview.
  • Inline Ads : Texts within the content of your website will be double underlined and an ad will be shown when your visitors hover over those double underlined texts. These are paid on a CPC basis. A maximum of 8 words per page and no more than 1.6% of eligible text will be highlighted.
  • BritePic : CPC based BritePic text ads will be shown when your visitors rollover the images you have selected for the BritePic ads. It’s a bit difficult to configure BritePic Ads and it increases your website’s load time as well.

Do they have a Referral Program?

Yes. You can earn money for referring new publishers and advertisers to AdBrite. You’ll earn 50% of AdBrite’s profits for the first 3 months after a referred user creates an account, and 10% of AdBrite’s profit for the next 9 months after that. Note the percentage is of “AdBrite’s profits” and not of “the amount that your referral earns”.

How and when do they pay?

AdBrite pays by checks only. The minimum amount you need to earn before you can request a check is 5 dollars. Changing that amount to a higher number is desirable to lessen bank charges.

AdBrite issues payments in US Dollars, two months (net-60) after you accrue them. For example, earnings you generated in Feb. 2009, will get paid out in May 2009. What that means is, AdBrite takes time to pay.


  1. People have reported that their AdBrite earnings were very much less when compared to their AdSense earnings for the same amount of traffic and for the same adspace.
  2. Unlike AdSense, AdBrite is not a contextual Ad Network, so the ads displayed by AdBrite are sometimes irrelevant. Although, you are allowed to select a category for your website before ads start to appear on your website, but it seems that this mechanism does not prevent AdBrite from serving irrelevant ads at times. This problem can be taken care of if you choose to manually approve ads, but that will be a real pain in the ass, imagine going through a list of ads to approve or disapprove every morning after you wake up. However, every AdBrite publisher should manually approve ads for this is the only way to ensue that AdBrite serves relevant ads on their website(s). Get ready to take the pain in your ass!
  3. AdBrite’s huge but the number of publishers intending to advertise on your website will not be huge in the beginning. My personal experience tells that, when you start with AdBrite, your visitors will encounter a lot of “Your Ad Here” messages rather than the actual ads, specially when they are from non-us countries. No ads implies no clicks implies no income. However, if your visitors become interested in placing ads on your website, they can use the “Your Ad Here” link to book your adspace from AdBrite.
  4. AdBrite only allows English websites to take part in their publisher program.

Best Suited for:

  • People who have been banned from Google AdSense. :-)
  • People who are looking for advertisers willing to put flat rate ads on their website but don’t want to go through the hectic billing process.

The sign up link:

Here’s the sign up link to AdBrite.

The signup process in pretty simple. After you sign up, you will be asked to input your site details. The information will be used to list your site in the AdBrite directory which will be accessible to the advertisers. AdBrite collects data like Alexa Rank, daily uniques, origin of traffic and conversion rate automatically for your websites and put them alongside your listing in the directory.

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