Kurt's TrackDays2007 (and before)

"The slowest guy, in the slowest class, is having more fun than the guy in the stands." Mike Stephens

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The track

Sept 24, 2007 Pacific Raceway, NESBA

3rd time at Intermediate level


Jim and John at lunch

John's Monster, My 749, Jim's 1098

Red flag on very first session (advanced)

Out of the Bus Stop onto the main straight

 Aug 13, 2007 Pacific Raceway, NESBA

2nd time at Intermediate level

I had a few laps in the 40's, 1:49:36 was the best

Zach's Classic, and 3 749's, his wife's, Kamran's, and mine


Video link of my 749 leading a pack past the Control Rider


July 30, 2007 Pacific Raceway, NESBA

My frist time in the Intermediate level

I "broke into the 40's"!, (1:49:79) but most laps were ~1:52

2nd time out in the morning, Pat went down right in front of me on turn 2.


And then about 2 laps later this GSX went down in 5 just as I got to 4.


NESBA and the new bus stop - July 30, 2007



July 14, 2007 Pacific Raceway, NESBA

At which I was bumbed to Intermediate for next event

Consistent laps were between 1:56 and 1:57

Turn 9


Leaving the Bus Stop 


Rock in turn 7 - first day back after getting off his Gixxer in turn 7 a year ago - wow!


June 3, 2007 Pacific Raceway, NESBA

113 miles in 6 ~20min sessions

My best laps were around 1:57

Duc's on my right

desmojet (Jeff) and sevencost (Ryan)


Duc's behind me

martino (Ian)  and Gman (Garrett)


Duc on my left

wsuduc (Jeremy)


Ian saying he though that Rossi would win today



April 22, 2007 Pacific Raceway, NESBA

my best laps were about 2:03









Link to Bong video



Bikes down in 07:

1 - Gabe (Hypermotarded) Multistrada - ?one of the CRs suggested modifying his riding position, and he was trying a new line thru there. So maybe it was fatigue, but it sounded more like experimentation that didn't work out too good?

2 - Bong's 1098 (not him riding) - new-to-the-1098 rider being surprised by the extreme power of the 1098's front brakes going into the wet bus stop

3 - Jeremy's friend Buell Boy on Buell X1 Lightning - Dragged a rear peg, upset the rear end, simple lowside

4 - David (Davide) S4 - "went into T8 looking to pass the rider in front of me on the outside before T9. The rider exited wide, I went wider and, while lost in space, I target fixated on the edge of the track."

5 - Jeremy (WSUDUC) 749s at Spokane - "too hot and too fast, false nuetral, rear slid out"

6 - Ryan (Sevencoast) 749 - "I was exiting T3 and closed the gap of a slower rider as we entered T4. I hugged in behind him and then he went down. Didn't feel like I had any time for control inputs before I hit his wheel and highsided. Being honest with myself, I was fixated on him going through the corner and not the track itself."

7 - Lindsay (lindsay) borrowed MV - "the oil filter imploded on it unbeknowngst to me coming out of turn two. dumped all of its oil through the next couple hundred yards, completely oiled the track and the rear tire, and i lost it coming out of turn 3"

9 - Erik (metroninja) 749 - "before turn 5 a CR was waving people people by so I sped up to pass and the guy in front of me who got close to the CR nuked his breaks (no hand up or foot out), since I had just got on the throttle the closing speed was much to great for my breaks so I moved to the left side of the track off the racing line...unforunately for me so did homeboy so I ran off the road instead of him and mud at 80+mph threw my bike down hard on a lowside"

10 - Spencer (spencerc) 749 - went down in the last session as it had started to rain pretty hard by then. Low sided in turn 2 at PIR

11 - Patrick (pmugrage) 749 - Said he started to lose the front end, stood it up, then tried to turn, but ran out of room. "broke my scapula (shoulder blade) and cracked some ribs"

12 - Mike (router.exe) SS 1000 - PIR "2nd lap in after lunch on cold tires i charged the left hander (t3?) and had the back end come out from under me. i freaked, and chopped the throttle, the rear tire caught and threw me into the infield. i faired pretty well in terms of injury. fractured scapula, and a sprained thumb"

13 - Molon Labe (ride57) Honda VTR - "First session out I was dragging the feelers on the foot pegs, and a CR said to just take them off. 2nd time out towards the end of the session, I was coming around turn 9, Im pretty sure I was off the seat enough, but probably not. ... I didnt feel anything with my foot, but heard a scrape, heard the engine rev and I knew it was off the ground, didnt even have time to say %^&%$% and I was on the tarmac."

14 - Scott (96ssportsp) - "At the July 6th Sullivan day in Spokane I low-sided my 900ss in turn 2. It was the 4th lap of the 1st session. Rider error!! I got on the gas too early, just before the 2nd apex and lost the back end and was sliding before I knew what happened. Bike and I came out relatively unscathed and was able to ride the rest of the day."

 15 - Ian (martino) - 749s - "I might have even classified for getting some gold for crashing on the 4th corner of the day (yes, 1st session, 1st lap, T4). I did not adjust enough my lean angle to the brand spanking new and cold tires. The front washed out and I observed the rest of the session from the T4 booth. Sliders worked good and skins have only some gravel rush. Broken shifter and shaved off footpeg."

16 - Patrick (Patrick P) - 999s at Spokane "Took turn 7(?) too hot and couldn't scrub off the speed. Realized that it wasn't going to happen so just pointed the bike straight and took it into the gravel."

4 prior track events

1) Oct 5, 1999 CA Superbike School Level 1 on their Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja Best lapt 1:41.63 

2) Oct 2 2000 CA Superbike School Level 1 on my Yamaha R6

3) Oct 3 2000 CA Superbike School Level 2 on my Yamaha R6

Best lap 1:36.03  10 03 00


For comparison, AM-GTR1 winning best lap GSXR 750 1:27:00  oct 99, EX-GT2  CBR 600   1:15.75



4) Fall 2000 CA open track day on my Yamaha R6


March 07 trip to Mt St Helens- sort of a track day!