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p. Advertise Your Project

You should advertise your project early to make sure you have sufficient help to be successful. One way to encourage Scouts and Scouter to participate is to speak with your unit leader about the Messengers of Peace patch. If your project qualifies any Scout or Scouter who participates in an Eagle Scout service project that has a significant impact on the community in any one of the following three dimensions may qualify as a “Messenger of Peace” and wear the Messenger of Peace ring patch available from Scout shops.
  1. The personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality
  2. The community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict
  3. Relationships between humankind and its environment: security, social and economic welfare, and relationship with the environment

Since Eagle Scout service projects are conducted for religious institutions, schools, or the community—and would thus directly or indirectly impact one of the three dimensions—almost all Eagle projects would certainly qualify as Messenger of Peace projects. Thus, when reporting project hours through the Journey to Excellence service hours website, “Messengers of Peace” should be selected as one of the categories for the project description. For more information about Messengers of Peace, please visit

You may wish to post a sign at your work site during the execution phase. This will bring recognition to you and your unit.   

You will soon repeat the Eagle Scout Promise before your troop when you become an Eagle Scout. One tenant you will pledge is to  “do my best to make my training an example my rank and my influence count strongly for better Scouting and for better citizenship in my troop and in my community”. The Capitol newspaper has offered to publish an article describing your project and scouting experience. This is an awesome opportunity for you to advertise your service to the community, to promote yourself and to promote the image of scouting to the community.

If you would like to advertise your project in The Capitol newspaper, please completed the required Newspaper Eagle Scout Questionnaire document on the DAC Resources page. You may also include your own photo in uniform – just a head shot or a clear picture of you at your project site (170-200 dpi by 8 inches is the best) -- or call for an appointment at The Capital for a staff photographer to take your picture. Send the completed form to Mrs. Ellen M. Scarano or call 410-280-5969, Ext. 3502 with any questions.

You are also encouraged to share your service project story for possible inclusion on the Good Turn for America web site as well as possible publication in other BSA National publications. You should record your Eagle Service Project at the ‘Share Your Project Good News Story’ link at Service Hours Reporting.

Add you finished project description to the Boys Life Eagle project data base.