About Data-Centric-BPM

Traditionally the management of business operations caters around two key issues: control flow and data. As a result, each of the two has attracted over the past years people both in academia and industry, manifesting itself into a plethora of methods, and tools that have been designed to assist with the management of these two concerns. Yet, the natural and yet independent evolution in both areas has led to a reality in which in many cases the handling of one concern is treated as an afterthought with respect to the other.

Recently however, we see the emergence of paradigms that are aimed to blend the two concerns, seeking for new approaches that may naturally and seamlessly unify the two in order to better streamline the overall complexity in BPM. Contemporary examples include Artifact-Centric BPM, Petri-nets, and Case-Management. Therefore, the DAB workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners whose common interest and experience is in the study and development of new foundations, models, methods, and technologies that are intended to uniformly and holistically align data and control flow.