The DAB workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners whose common interests and experiences are in the study and development of data- and artifact- centric approaches to Business Processes Management. Traditionally, both researchers and practitioners in the BPM community have mostly focused on studying the data and control flow aspects of business processes more or less in isolation. Such separation of concerns between the data and control perspectives turned out to be very fruitful and it lead to significant advances in both data and process management fields. However, in recent years various approaches have emerged that emphasize integration of data and control as key aspects of flexible and rich business processes specification. From the scientific as well as the practical point of view it is critical to study the fundamental relationships, characteristics and properties of the integrated perspective where data and process are considered together. The close relationship and the disappearing separation between the process and the data is prominent in case management or in the artifact-centric BPM, to name a few prominent examples.

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