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           PEACE AND WAR


Mellor approaches deep philosophical quandaries through the prism of pithy aphorism … [his]  poems explore the dark spaces  … "Beware of words" is breathtaking. Alan Morrison The Recusant.


Strong and compelling ... I really like the variety of tone, the range, the inventiveness and t

he comic anger. Andy Croft Smokestack Books.


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                   NEW BOOK





            Big Questions. Inner Peace. LOL.


This book would appeal to those who are undaunted by a bit of slapstick comedy in the quest for a new meaning in life. The underlying message makes perfect sense!   Dr E. Mapstone  psychotherapist and author of “Stop Dreaming, Start Living”  


 Dr Mellor's highly entertaining and informative introduction to Buddhism is also deeply scholarly... Certain to inspire.

Professor L. Todd, Newcastle University


Fresh, original, captivating and insightful.  Amazon UK


Dr Mellor really knows his stuff ... entertaining ... unique and amusing ... brilliantly diverse coverage ... thoroughly enjoyable.  Courier


A good read ... combines slapstick humour with everyday life experiences ... without jargon or mysticism.  NSU/LIFE 


Crystal clear jokey writing, cartoons and snappy dialogue.  Engage


Informative ... find the distinction between pleasure and long-lasting happiness. Lifestyle  


Explains things in a simple, but, yep, enlightening way. The Crack


This world needs more authors like Nigel Mellor. He brings such light and explanation to serious life questions.  Amazon US

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For links to the material from chapter 1 about  ugliness and beauty, open the attached  file "links chap 1 ".



THE SECRETS OF THE DOCTORATE: An introduction to messy method as a means of creating knowledge: a primer for researchers.



                                           FOR THE INQUIRY
                    Poetry of the dirty war


An excellent collection.  Tribune


There is a special ring to Mellor's poetry. It's a unique compelling, boiled-down style which manages to convey a deep sense of cultural unease that many will surely recognise . . . a collection to establish his work among the first rank.  7 Days


Honest, straight talking . . . political in the best sense . . . keeps the human perspective firmly in view . . . A timely reminder that poetry has an important role . . . Should be read by all who share the author's fear that 'the freedoms we have . . . become a way of forgetting.  Carol Rumens


 If the Inquiry is no charade, it will take these words to heart. As will the reader . . . A plain man's guide to political breakdown . . . This is caring unsentimental poetry. Gillian Allnutt


Imaginative and beguiling… [the poems] in their subversive nursery-rhyme style charm [are] cradled over deeper wells of meaning, even occasionally, of the sublime. Alan Morrison, The Recusant.


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