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What is DaBabes

Don’s Babies are all of those oddball net tenders, motor launches, converted tuna boats, destroyers converted to banana boats and then blockade runners, Manila Bay ferry boats, oil barges, darn near anything with a hull and a hand grenade. These were the “baby” boats that were fundamental to the operation and security of any port, anywhere, and even more important to developing bases on the far flung shores of the absolutely undeveloped regions of the Pacific Theater.


DaBabes began life as Don Bowen’s wish to include his “babies” in a game scenario: the small craft that actually implement some of the less known and lesser utilized features of the game. Don’s Babies (DaBabes) has two main variants; BabesLite and DaBigBabes. BabesLite addresses mainly the interesting Naval features of WiTP-AE. DaBigBabes addresses these as well, but adds a great deal of OOB interpretation of existing infrastructure/support/logistic units to actually implement some of the even less known and utilized features of the land portion of the game.


DaBabes is a set of logistics models, basically. It requires no extra ‘clicks’ and does not place any additional demands on a player. It does require, however, a slightly different mindset when thinking about logistics. We like to think of it as a learning tool.




Thus, BabesLite has more ship classes than stock, and many more of the smaller vessels comprising these classes for both sides: yard oilers, coastal minesweepers, auxiliary subchasers, patrol boats, minefield tenders, and many others designed to give a more robust and realistic feel to the development, population, capabilities, and logistical support of bases and rear and operational areas.


In addition to having more ships, BabesLite incorporates several database modifications that are designed to give a more robust and realistic feel to several combat modes. Database elements have been modified to provide more realistic results for AAA (flak) combat, ASW combat, and certain minor, but nevertheless fun, aspects of naval combat, like land bombardment and coastal defense fire. The modifications include lining-up and unifying data elements within certain fields, so that things interface more smoothly, as well as substantial changes to the data elements themselves.


All designed to give a more realistic feel to the game, while maintaining complete compatibility with the corresponding stock scenario AI files.