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This set of scenarios is a very special modification of DaBigBabes-B scenarios. Once again, the set comprises two basic scenarios: Scen028 - Dec. 7 start, and Scen 029 - Dec. 8 start. And again, neither of these scenarios are compatible with stock.
The C scenarios have been specially modified to reduce the bulk cargo capacities of all ships by 30%. Cargo capacities of certain Tenders, that require a minimum capacity for rearm purposes, have been subsequently modified to retain their operational capabilities.
The C scenario set has been developed for the express purpose of reducing operational tempo and straining transport capability to limits that correspond more closely to those experienced by the historical combatants. As such, these scenarios are for play by true logistical grognards. These scenarios depart from the standard AE game model to such an extent that no AI files are included in the Scen.zips; they would be functionaly irrelevant. And there is no QuietChina variant; it would be functionaly irrelevant.
The C scenario set is for head-to-head, or PBEM play. It is a resonable basis for development of short map/short time scenarios in a CPX environment.
So there's no AI files, no QuietChina files,  And since it's for the grogs out there, there ain't no special download instructions. If ya want to play it, then download it, unzip it, grip it and rip it. You are on your own as to numbering, but we assume a certain degree of comprehension of simple computer systems.
v012: Device and Aircraft data modifications.
v012a: Fix Econ entries.
v012b: Final Aircraft data tweaks.
v013: Aus/NZ/PI TO&E and OOB changes
v014: Error Corrections/Cleanup
v015: 04/10/15 Error Corrections, Cleanup 
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