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DaBigBabes is a set of two basic scenarios: Scen028 - Dec. 7 start, and Scen 029 - Dec. 8 start. Neither of these scenarios are completely compatible with stock.
DaBigBabes-A scenarios are set up for use with the Stock Map, that comes with the game. So all that needs to be done to install these scenarios is to download them and unzip them into the game's SCEN folder. Nothing more needs to be done. Each of the scenarios has a unique name, that describes what it is, that will appear on the Select Scenario screen when the game is launched.
028 will say: DaBigBabes-A, Stock Map, Dec. 7 Start
029 will say: DaBigBabes-A, Stock Map, Dec. 8 Start
Note: The scenario files, below, are complete; they include the AI files as well as the corresponding scenario data files . But the AI files are provided as a convenience only. They are simply copies of corresponding stock AI files, but since DaBigBabes scenarios are not compatible with stock, the AI files will not perform nearly as well as they do for a corresponding stock scenario. Playing the Allied side against a Japanese AI gives reasonable results, although the AI is not able to use any of the Babes' LCU features and will, at times, make some very odd decisions. Playing the Japanese side against an Allied AI will be an exercise in frustration. Many LCU modifications were made expressly in order to avoid/defeat various of the AI's 'advantages'. Many LCUs have been relocated and so are not in the slot where the AI expects to find them. Something totally different will likely be there.
Quiet China: Quiet China uses the same scenario files but has different AI files. If you want to play a Quiet China scenario against the AI, then copy your 028 scenario to another slot - suggest 038. Then copy all the aei007-xx.dat files to aei038-xx.dat. If you are playing scenario 029, then copy your 029 scenario to another slot - suggest 039. Then copy all the aei009-xx.dat files to aei039-xx.dat.  You are now good to go.
Recommend: Unless one truly wishes to play DaBigBabes against a computer opponent, I recommend deletion of all the "scripted" AI files. One must keep the main AI file (aeixxx.dat), but one may delete all the aeixxx-YY.dat files. These are provided as a convenience, but are not necessary for scenario play.
Warning: If you already have a scenario numbered 028, 029, 038, or 038, downloading and installing these will overwrite those pre-existing scenarios. If you wish to keep your pre-existing 028, 029, 038, or 038 scenarios, you must unzip each complete scenario into a blank folder and renumber every file from 028, 029, 038, or 038 to whatever number you have selected BEFORE you move the renumbered scenario set to the game's SCEN folder. If this is not an issue, then just download and unzip into the SCEN folder, normally.
v012: Device and Aircraft data modifications.
v012a: Fix Econ entries.
v012b: Final Aircraft data tweaks.
v013: Aus/NZ/PI TO&E and OOB changes
v014: Error Corrections/Cleanup
v015: 04/10/15 Error Corrections, Cleanup
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