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BabesLite is a set of two basic scenarios: Scen026 - Dec. 7 start, and Scen 027 - Dec. 8 start. BabesLite Scen026 and Scen027 are completely equivalent to stock scenarios 001 and 006.
BabesLite also has two Quiet China scenarios: Scen036 - Dec. 7 start, and Scen 037 - Dec. 8 start. BabesLite Scen036 and Scen037 are completely equivalent to stock scenarios 007 and 009.
BabesLite has more ships and classes than the corresponding stock scenarios. It also has substantially modified device files that provide a different, and perhaps more realistic, 'feel' to naval combat, naval bombardment, AAA combat, ASW combat, etc.. The device files contain the same Devices in the same slot locations, but substantial modifications were made to the Range, Accuracy, Penetration, Effect, Ceiling, Anti-Armor, Anti-Soft, and Load Cost parameter fields. Ship Classes, and corresponding Ships, have had their ASW weapon suites modified; the number of ASW weapons, their arrangement, and the amount of Ammo per weapon, have been adjusted to work in tandem with specific changes to ASW weapon Devices.
BabesLite also makes use of several 'special' data fields, found in the latest version of WitploadAE.exe, but which are not exposed in the AE Editor. These 'special' data fields allow for more flexible descriptions of device data for AAA and ASW combat and allows for AA and Dual Purpose guns to have separate device specs for Surface and AA combat. BabesLite has been used as a development and testing model for several enhancements that have found their way into the official stock scenarios, but there are many more enhancements and modifications in BabesLite that will bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses.
Besides normal and QuietChina scenarios, BabesLite comes in two flavors;
BabesLite_A – These are the standard BabesLite scenario files: they use the stock map art, and all of the stock pwhexe, pwzlink, pwzone map data files that come with the game;
                            Simply download the scenarios and unzip into the Scen Folder of the game directory. Nothing else is required.
BabesLite_B – The B versions of Scen026 and Scen027 have modified Locations files (wplxxx.dat) and additional bases for compatibility with a special Extended Map, by Andrew Brown;
                            The B version requires modified Map Art, and modified map data files (available with the scenarios on the BabesLite-B page).
Because the 'B' versions need a bit more explanation and have an additional set of Map Art and Map Data files to download, the 'A' and 'B' version scenarios have their own separate pages.
Hope you all have as much enjoyment playing the babesLite scenarios as we had making them.
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