Scenario starts December 8, 1941, and runs till April 7, 1942.

This scenario remains a H2H or PBEM only.
Units: This is a Battalion scale scenario. The largest units are regiment/brigade in size. Regiments/brigades do not break down any farther, nor do they recombine into divisional size, rather they stay as they are for the duration. In furtherance of this, artillery is provided in separate artillery battalions and is not incorporated in the regiment OOB.

Engineers have been restricted in both number and capability. Not all will contribute to Assault Value and assist in reducing Forts. Aviation support has been similarly restricted. We attempted in ensure there will be fewer deployable Aviation Support squads than planes. Unit Support is also decreased. The purpose of all of this is to slow down operational tempo and require units engaged in heavy combat to be rotated out to a rear area rest facility, or wither away into nothing.

HQs: In keeping with the scenario scale, certain divisional units have their parent division as a HQ unit. This allows for leadership modifiers in combat and contributes an amount (very small) of additional Support. Japanese Base Forces are HQ units, just as they actually were. The stock BFs were broken down into their component sub-units, leaving the BF as a HQ, with the sub-units attached.


Production: is off. Supply/Fuel: is scarce.


The PI scenario is set up for use with the Extended Map, so please download and install the file set in order that this scenario functions properly. It will not work correctly with the stock map art or the stock map data files (pwhexe.dat, pwzone.dat, pwzlink.dat). There is an Installation ReadMeFirst.doc file in the and I STRONGLY SUGGEST you open and read it after you download but BEFORE you install the files.

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