Operation FS

This is a limited map scale and limited time frame scenario. The scenario starts June 1, 1942, and runs till March 1, 1943. The scenario has a 'what-if' premise, but this is simply a swap of execution dates. Operation FS was initially scheduled to go off in the beginning of June. It was postponed and subsequently abandoned due to the interposition of the Midway Operation and its unfortunate (for Japan) results. The premise is that FS went forward as originally scheduled, and if it was insufficient to lure the Pacific Fleet carriers into an ambush, the Midway operation would immediately follow. The logic of the premise is given in the Background pdf file, below. Both the Background and Operational Plan files are taken directly from original Japanese sources. Only the plan dates have been changed to reflect the original operational dates and to protect the guilty.


Units: This is a Battalion scale scenario. The largest units are regiment/brigade in size. Regiments/brigades do not break down any farther, nor do they recombine into divisional size, rather they stay as they are for the duration. In furtherance of this, DivArty is provided in separate artillery battalions. Artillery is not included in the regimental devices unless it was an intrinsic part of a regimental TOE. Engineers have been severely restricted in both number and capability. Very few will contribute to Assault Value and assist in reducing Forts. Aviation support has been similarly restricted. We attempted in ensure there will be fewer deployable Aviation Support squads than planes. The only exceptions to this are a few built up air bases with a certain amount of Aviation Support in immobile air base units. Unit Support is also decreased. However, certain rear areas have R&R facilities where depleted units may recover. Hopefully this will slow down operational tempo and require units engaged in heavy combat to be rotated out to a rear area rest facility, or wither away into nothing.


HQs: In keeping with the scenario scale, divisional units have their parent division as a HQ unit. This allows for leadership modifiers in combat and contributes a nominal amount of additional Support. Japanese Base Forces are HQ units, just as they actually were. The stock BFs were broken down into their component sub-units, leaving the BF as a HQ, with the sub-units attached.


There are many other departures from a standard scenario. The entire database has been modified to conform to the intent of the scenario designers as to following contemporary Japanese and Allied tactical and operational practice. Many of these are explained in the Best Practices sections of the Rules pdf file, below.


The purpose of all of this is to present the scenario in the form of a Fleet Problem or Operational Exercise rather than a conventional AE game scenario. The designers also wished to impress some of the difficulties faced by the commanders in that time period.


The AI file is a place-holder only. It was not designed for the scenario. It will wreck the scenario if it is played with a computer opponent for either side. This scenario is for H2H or PBEM use only.

A Rules and Best Practices pdf file is included. The rules are necessary to reflect the operational realities and limitations of different entities, given the scenario time frame and doctrines of the respective nationalities. They are also necessary to avoid conflicts between the game engine and the database structure/flow. Best Practices are not Rules. They explain how to use the game interface and functionality, in conjunction with the scenario database, to implement some of the Rules, and explain how to effectively handle the unique and inconspicuous features of the scenario. The Best Practices portion is mostly complete, but still has a few sections left to do. Thank you for your patience.
The scenario has all of the standard Babes AE data tweaks, as well as a few of its own.
The Extended Map is MANDATORY for the scenario. Stacking limits, while not strictly mandatory, are suggested in the strongest of terms.
Get both from Section 7, Extended Map, of this site.
Start-up screen scenario art and text courtesy of Robert Lenz, aka Chemkid.
10/19/16 Updated preview file set v.02
11/08/16 Upload Background, Plan, Rules and Best Practices pdf files
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11/12/16 Added scenario screen art and text; Applied pilots system to RAAF/RNZAF
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