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DaIronBabes-B scenarios are set up for use with an Extended Map, developed by Andrew Brown, that has several enhancements/changes, to both the Map Art and the Map Data, over the stock map that comes with the game. So you MUST download and install the Babes_and_Extended_Map_Data_and_Art.zip file set in order that these scenarios function properly. They WILL NOT work correctly with the stock map art or the stock map data files (pwhexe.dat, pwzone.dat, pwzlink.dat). There is an Installation ReadMeFirst.doc file in the Babes_and_Extended_Map_Data_and_Art.zip and I STRONGLY SUGGEST you open and read it after you download but BEFORE you install the files.
Other than that, DaIronBabes-B is substantially the same, in pertinent part, as DaIronBabes-A.
v04: Fixed Econ entries.
v04a: Fixed Pilot build rates.
v05: Device and Aircraft data modifications.
v05a: Fix Econ entries.
v05b: Aircraft data tweaks.
v05c: Fix LCU entries
v05d: Aircraft and Airgroups upgrade fixes.
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