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DaIronBabes-A is a standard adaptation of AndyMac's Hakko Ichiu Scen002, ported to DaBigBabes system by Daryl Warner (drw61). This scenario is not completely compatible with stock, and is only realistically playable against the Japanese AI.
The AI files for Hakku Ichiu Scen002 are compatible with this scenario for the Japanese side. Just COPY the aei002-xx.dat files into an empty folder: RENAME them to aei030-xx.dat, and then MOVE the renamed files into the game SCEN folder. You are good to go.
v04: Fixed Econ entries.
v04a: Fixed Pilot build rates.
v05: Device and Aircraft data modifications.
v05a: Fix Econ entries.
v05b: Aircraft data tweaks.
v05c: Fix LCU entrries
v05d: Aircraft and Airgroups upgrade fixes.
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