4 DaIronBabes

DaIronBabes is an adaptation of AndyMac's Hakku Ichiu Scen002, ported to DaBigBabes system by Daryl Warner (drw61). This scenario is not completely compatible with stock, and is only realistically playable against the Japanese AI.
Just like DaBigBabes, DaIronBabes has many more ships and classes than stock scenarios. It also has substantially modified device files that provide a different, and perhaps more realistic, 'feel' to naval combat, naval bombardment, AAA combat, ASW combat, etc.. Substantial modifications were made to Range, Accuracy, Penetration, Effect, Ceiling, Anti-Armor, Anti-Soft, and Load Cost parameter fields. DaBigBabes also makes use of several 'special' data fields, found in the latest version of WitploadAE.exe, but which are not exposed in the AE Editor. These 'special' data fields allow for more flexible descriptions of device data for AAA and ASW combat and allows for AA and Dual Purpose guns to have separate device specs for Surface and AA combat. Many new types of Squad and Engineer Devices were created, some using the "Shore Party" attribute, so that logistics/engineering/construction LCUs could be created with various and specific forms and functions.
LCU TO&Es and OOBs are highly modified, for both sides. Combat units (infantry, artillery, engineers, etc.) are redefined such that their troop count (total infantry and second line) is a close as possible to their historical values, and their shipping load cost reflects their actual deployment shipping requirements as close as may be. This has a significant impact on Island Size based stacking limits and allows for deployment of historical force structures on Very Small Islands/Atolls, but no more than that. Combat units for all Nations were vetted against one another to give realistic proportional values of firepower and assault value, relative to the historical capabilities of the respective combatants.
Many LCU modifications were made expressly in order to avoid/defeat various of the AI's 'advantages' and to reduce the operational tempo of the game. "Base Force" units were severely curtailed and reduced to simple 'rumps'. The various combat and support units that made up these base forces were split out and defined separately; so they still exist, but one has to make them up from the unit pile. Naval Support has been reduced by more than 50%, both in terms of "units" and "squads per unit". Much of this loss is made up by "Shore Party" designated squads and units that support load/unload but will not support repair or rearm. This was done purposely to limit the number of Bases that could be fitted out for Fleet Support by limiting the number of units having NavSup squads with these capabilities.
Aviation Support has also been reduced by more than 50%, both in terms of "units" and "squads per unit", for the same reasons given for the reduction in NavSup. Both the NavSup and AvSup reductions force a player to aggregate their assets and move them forward with their operational front. This requires use of more shipping, and a higher degree of operational planning.
Ship Classes, and corresponding Ships, have had their ASW weapon suites modified; the number of ASW weapons, their arrangement, and the amount of Ammo per weapon, have been adjusted to work in tandem with specific changes to ASW weapon Devices. Submarine diving depths have been modified, using a 'special' field to work in harness with the specific changes to ASW weapon Devices and the specific ASW weapon suite modifications to Classes and Ships.
However, DaIronBabes (Hakku Ichiu) has substantial additions to Japanese Ships, Land Units, and Air Groups, over and above those provided by DaBigBabes. It has been rigorously playtested and is believed to provide a more satisfying gaming experience, by making the Japanese side substantially more robust.