Team Formation

      Coaches need to submit to their 'Club' registrars are 1601's (registration forms) for their entire team (both game day and flexible roster players). All players will be processed and put a Spring Roster. This Roster is ONLY good for Spring League only. 

      Please check the District Spring League Rule book to determine the total rostered players for each team in an age group.


      Spring League does not allow the use of 'guest' players for league play. However; does use a 'flexible roster' to make it easier for a coach to field a team during the Spring Season.

       Flexible rosters allow a team to roster a maximum number of players per age group. However; coaches are limited to a certain number of 'game day' players. The following guidelines are set forth for the following age groups:

        Roster's Size:

             U8's: 11 'game day' players 
                      Maximum roster is 16 players

           U10's: 13 'game day' players
                      Maximum roster is 18 players

           U12's: 18 'game day' players
                      Maximum roster is 21 players

    U14-U19's: 18 'game day' players
                      Maximum roster is 23 players