Fees and Registration

Fees for the Spring League 2014 are as follows:
          (D7 BOD approved on January 8th, 2014)           
                         U8's: $250 per team
                       U10's: $300 per team
                       U12's: $325 per team
                U14-U16's: $350 per team
                       U19's: $375 per team

       Teams need to submit their team fees to their 'Home' league so payment can be processed by League check to the District. PLEASE NO PERSONAL CHECKS. THEY WILL BE RETURNED TO THE SENDER. 

        Once teams have have submitted the information required for the 'Leagues' to process registration for Spring League; coaches can go to the 'Online Team Contact Reg' to complete their part of the registration for Spring League.

        Spring League fees are team based fees on returning players from the Fall 2013 season. If a player was not registered for the Fall season; then there will be an additional individual cost for the player to be eligible for Spring League. Please consult with your individual league registrar for those costs as they vary between leagues.


      You need to register the teams in 'Spring' club for your league. Register the team as a '4NR' team status. The season of play for the secondary team is in the "OFF SEASON" component of League One registration program. You will be able to print up a 'secondary roster' for this team to enter into Spring League.