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NUSoftware Game Engine is a framework used for games development. A simple API to easily create games using advanced 3D graphics & sound systems simplified for the average programmer. This engine is written in C++ using the following libraries for graphics and audio management:

  • Irrlicht - Lightning fast realtime 3D engine
  • IrrKlang - High level 3D audio engine
This engine can be a great educational source and can help making great 3D games but it is NOT a professional engine and should not be mistakenly treated as. This is an Open Source project and will always be.

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The Engine can be discussed in this Irrlicht forum thread as well as in the official forum.


  • 03.12.2009: The project is abandoned until further notice. For any questions regarding the project you can contact me via mail.
  • 04.06.2009: The software requirements document is pretty much done though stuff are added/removed as I progress in designing the UML which is a new by itself. Yup, I'm working on the UML now, yay!, and every time I encounter a design problem I go back to the docs to see how it should be and if it "should be" in another better way. This means that this stage is going to take pretty long time but it's still a progress ;). Oh and by the way, the new project is going to have a new site, new SF.Net project, new SVN, new everything (except the name, the logo etc..)
  • 10.04.2009: The document is getting filled up, at least 50% of the requirements are there.. soon my friends, soon I'm going to start working on the real design when I get those requirements ready, checked and double checked.
  • 31.03.2009: The project is back to requirements analysis planning stage.
  • 03.02.2009: Just wanna let you know the project is totally not abandoned. I can't explain, just know that I have not abandoned the project.
  • 14.01.2009: It seems people keep checking my site, thanks. So if you're already entering to check the news and see what's going on with the engine, why not talking about what you think in the forums? If there are people interested in my project I would gladly want to know them through the forums..
  • 28.12.2008: I'm sorry to inform you again but I'm taking a break from NGE yet again. I'm a very busy man these days and I don't have as much time as I would like, certainly not like I had when I started NGE. This affect greatly on the development of NGE which is stopped at the moment. But, as before, I'm not abandoning the project completely as I'll continue to develop it slowly as the months goes by..                            I can only say it was a pleasure creating it, and I hope it would help others in the future.                                                                                             By the way... Happy new year!!!
  • 17.12.2008: I'm having busy weeks lately so the work on NGE is delayed a bit. There are again some problems with Google AdSense so you won't see them.
  • 06.12.2008: Long time has passed and I'm glad to post here again, so lets get to the point. After the many courses I have passed in the last half a year and getting to the unit I am (of the IDF), I've became a much more better programmer, I believe, and I'm going to apply my new skills into NGE soon. That's my next step after coming back. I'm going to redesign some and many places of NGE, apply my new code style on all of NGE (which is quite a lot :P - lots of work!!), fix bugs and a lot more!. Of course the API is going to change, sorry but that's part of it. Not like months ago, when I had a lot of time, since I'm in the army now I have quite little time for myself and so the development of NGE isn't going to be as rapid as before, this I must say, but I'll still try to do my best and get the important things ready soon. The first things I'm gonna do is update NGE to the latest Irrlicht (using SVN/trunk branch) and IrrKlang versions. Last thing, I guess you've already noticed, I've returned the Google AdSense back to the site. If you have further questions regarding the specific changes I'm currently doing you are welcome to ask in the official forums.
  • 31.05.2008: I've removed Google AdSense from the site. There's also a little break from work on NGE for the time being as I've joined the army and I'll have very little time for the next few months. Though that, I'll be checking the forum/e-mail constantly almost every evening and continue to be active support if needed. The engine is still at alpha stage because of the following reasons; not enough testing, ill design in some important places and not enough examples which will be mini games of different genres. If you want to use my engine please contact me (via forum or email) and I'll tell you what you have to know before using it in its current state. To be clear, I didn't abandoned the project, I'm just taking a little break from developing to improve my knowledge of programming through Israeli army programming courses.
  • 02.05.2008: Site update. New IRC client so you can chat with me and the Irrlicht community without the need to install anything, it's all web based (how cool is that? =D ) and very simple. New Google AdSense added to the site. I've also updated some more sections with minor changes to make everything look nicer. About NGE - It's still in alpha stage but I'm working on getting to beta stage soon so I'll be able to have a good v0.1 release with a lot of bugs fixed. If you wish to see more cool things added to the site please post what you think here. Some site statistics for you who doesn't check ( here ); we reached (all time) an amazing number of 175,000+ site hits and and average number of 1,800+ hits per day - wow, thanks a lot!
  • 26.04.2008: Going back to alpha stage. Now that I don't have a deadline pressure I noticed quite few places I should rethink and those places require changes that are more suit to an alpha stage. I also want to mention that the forum is a great place to ask questions and make suggestions so don't be shy =). Don't forget also the Development page where I'll post information about changes I'm about to be taking. Also note that the F.A.Q page has been updated with information about SVN merging.
  • 17.04.2008: Okay, I haven't updated the site for quite long cause I had to deliver the project to college and had to write a lot of documentation ( [must] see Screenshots page ). There's a new unix name for the project, changed from nusoftware to nusoftwarege. The engine is at its first beta stage but writing those docs (manual + quick guide) I found quite a lot of important bugs. I fixed half of them by now but some didn't got committed to the SVN yet and there's still the other half ;). There's also a new SVN branch, stable branch. trunk branch would be for development and every time the trunk version is stable I'll commit it to the stable branch before I continue work on unstable features. Most of the things I'm going to do before the second beta is important bug fixing and maybe few more little features and refactoring - see Development page for details.
  • 09.03.2008: I've uploaded a wave file of myself saying "NUSoftware Game Engine" so everyone will know how to pronounce it right. You can grab the file in the F.A.Q page. I've also divided all the classes to namespaces and maybe, just maybe I'll be able to release a beta version by the end of the week which means the first release would be soon!
  • 07.03.2008: I've finally upgraded the forum CAPTCHA to fight back those spam bots. I've also updated the F.A.Q and the Features pages. There are two new W.I.P screen shots in the Screenshots page.
  • 03.03.2008: FMOD Ex engine support in first release is dropped meaning it won't be implemented. Later versions will have an implementation of a FMOD Ex audio device and the first release will have only irrKlang audio device implemented. There's a little update also to the F.A.Q page.
  • 01.03.2008: Level Graph Management System (LGMS) is the new system I've been talking about lately which makes the NUSoftware Game Engine so good! I've finally have a solid design and implementation of this system which part of it handles all the separating of the game world and raise the game performance a lot by saving CPU time with the cost of memory. The system is still in beta phases as I want it to be as bug-less as it can be on first release. Later on I'll release a friendly and technical documentation but for now you can ask question about it on the forums and check the sources in the on-line API.
  • 22.02.2008: The engine runs on Linux finally!! Thanks to randomMesh and sopordave for helping in that. The sound system is ready and only irrKlang is implemented and ready for use. There are new screen shots in the Screenshots page. There's a little update to the F.A.Q page. Now about the question if I'm going to be the only developer, well, after the presentation date in college I'll be glad to add more core developers. There's also a new folder layout and bit structure changes. I want to remind you all that the media in the media directory is NOT free and cannot be used in a commercial product, I provide them for testing purposes only. The engine cannot be compiled with GCC under windows yet but I'll be working on fixing that soon. There are two .chm files in the docs directory, nge.chm which has only the headers, this is what you need to use the engine, and nge_source.chm which as all the files, this is what you need to check the real sources and how everything is done. Most of the changes were to make the engine more Linux friendly and probably some more changes in that manner will be in the near future.
  • 06.02.2008: There's a new logo, thanks to Virion for making it! The Sound system is being redesigned to able adding sound engines without much (if at all) breaking API changes. A pipeline graph for the whole processing is begin designed, can't give any more info about that right now as it's in its early stage of design.
  • 02.02.2008: There are many new things: New slogan: "NGE - An Easy & Powerful Game Engine". New Sound system (Using only IrrKlang at the moment) - temporary design though. New GUI Controller system. A lot of cleaning-up and bug fixing. The 01.HelloWorld example has much more "meat" now and shows a bit more of the engine's features. Switched to SVN / trunk version of Irrlicht until version 1.4.1 is out.
  • 22.01.2008: There's a new community forum!! Hooray! There's also a class diagram at the Screenshots page.
  • 16.01.2008: The F.A.Q section of the site is answered. There's a new custom scene node, GridSceneNode. Thanks Dark_Kilauea for that cool addition to the engine. I also want to mention that the screen shots that will eventually be shown doesn't represent the quality of the engine as the artist making the artwork decides how nice they look and the engine just displays it as it is. Oh and a little note, the site looks bad in IE6 so use FireFox or IE7. Also know that the libraries IrrKlang and FMOD Ex are not in use, yet, but will certainly be inserted in the near time soon (A month or so I guess..). A project thread was opened in the Irrlicht's Project Announcements forum - Check it here.
  • 04.01.2008: The NUSoftware Game Engine has a logo now!
  • 01.01.2008: Happy New Year! With the new year comes a massive update, lots of bug fixes, much more documentation and most important, that horrible annoying bug that freezes the screen is fixed!! A new feature has been added which ease the work with Hebrew strings and some new systems have been designed and soon will be implanted.
  • 21.12.2007: Hi, Phew, last few days were full of work for this update..Ok so there's a major documentation update as well as code updates. The most important things are the new State system and a new (Very annoying) bug -Don't run with full-screen on, you might get lucky and nothing would happen but if you won't the screen will freeze and you'll have to restart your computer.. More documentation is still needed, it is not full yet for the current code but there's enough to understand what's going on in there. I hope I'll finish the basic systems soon and release the first version already ;)
  • 16.12.2007: I've added my portrait to the Author section. I've decided to upload my code to the SVN repository even though its at its very beginning. You can't actually use it properly, yet. I'll release version 0.1-alpha when a simple "Hello World!" example could be made properly using the engine's built-in methods.
  • 14.12.2007: Site Launched! The engine is at constant development since November. I've been studying a lot to learn how to integrate some features with my engine and I hope I'll finish the learning curve soon. The latest SVN revision (currently 48) is empty at the moment until I will have enough code to produce a simple "Hello World!" example using the engine.