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Last Page Update: 06.12.2008

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Frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • What is a Game Engine?
    • A game engine is the program that runs all the components that comprise a game, including graphics, audio, collision detection, physics, artificial intelligence etc.
    • Here are sites that will be more informational about it:
  •  What is the NUSoftware Game Engine?
    • The NUSoftware Game Engine is a game framework which ease the great amount of work needed to be done every time a game is created. Creating a game is a long and not so easy process which means hard work should be invested to  design, create and maintain working systems that can handle a game. After taking care of those there's the hard work creating and designing the game story-wise (which is the fun part in my opinion but still not that easy). The NUSoftware Game Engine has all those systems in first priority meaning working stable systems that takes care of the game skeleton and saves a great amount of time which gives the developer time to invest on the more game aspect of the development and there-by ease the work and time of completion. For a more technical information please take a look at the features page
    • The name NUSoftware is pronounced as: Noo Software and not Na Software. For more details see this forum thread. I've also decided to record myself saying "NUSoftware Game Engine" to clear any doubt. You can download it here. If I don't sound clear or you can't understand how I pronounce it please report in the forums so I'll upload a better version.
  • What are the advantages of the NUSoftware Game Engine over the other game frameworks?
    • The NUSoftware Game Engine has the LGMS, Level Graph Management System, a system so flexible and easy that lets you divide the game world and increase the game's performance so very much, and much more. Another highlight of the engine is that it can be a great educational source for beginners and advanced programmers alike. Additionally you can exclude and include different implementations of audio engines very easily which is very important when going commercial (choosing the audio engine with the right license). The last thing to mention is that even so it's so powerful, even so it encapsulate other powerful engines it stays simple to use which is very important in game development.
  • Can I use the engine in a non open source commercial product?
    • Yes but you will have to buy the right license for the engine dependencies which require a commercial license if you would like to use them in your product. Alternatively, you can exclude them from compilation and use a free replacement. For further information check the License section of the site.
  • How can I contribute to the engine?
    • If you have any ideas you can always contact me via E-Mail and I'll be glad to hear what you have to say. If you changed some things in your version of the engine and want to add it to the official version note that and I'll take a serious look at your code. You can always post your ideas in the forum for me to look at too.
  • I have a problem with my code, could you solve it for me please?
    • I can have a look on your code and help, yes, but it doesn't mean I'm going to sit down for hours because you lack the programming skills needed for your work. 
  • What does 'NUSoftware' mean?
    • My last name is Nosrati, which in Hebrew can and is  mistakely pronounced as Nusrati, hence come the "NU". The "Software" is pretty obvious. You can download a simple audio file of me pronouncing the phrase NUSoftware Game Engine, here.
  • Can I join the NUSoftware Game Engine developers team?
    • I will be the sole developer until further notice.
  • How can I access the Subversion server?
    • The Downloads section of the site will answer that.
  • What will be in the next release of the engine?
    • Each release will have bug fixes and little new features. The main focus is on bug fixes. For further information check the Development section of the site.
  • When will be the next release of the engine?
    • The engine does not have a frequent time for a release, it will be released when I feel like a release needs to be out. It can be once every two, three months or even one release a year.
  • SVN Merging
    • You might ask yourself what does it mean when I log "Merged revisions Rev#(stable):Rev#(trunk)". It means that all the changes that trunk has, are merged with the latest stable branch. Every time the trunk branch is stable I merge it with the stable branch so all the recent changes are saved there. When a release is coming I make a package out of the stable branch. Minor versions (such as v5.0.1 or v3.1 etc. are the stable branch with minor fixes which are also merged into the trunk for the next major release).