From here you can download NUSoftware Game Engine SDK



NGE's Manual - v0.1 (.pdf)

NGE's Quick Guide - v0.1 (.pps)



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Download Section


The SDK can be downloaded only through the SVN repository at the moment.

For Windows users I recommend using the SVN Client TortoiseSVN. To download, check out the following address:

Development Branch:

Stable Branch:

* Don't forget to change the version number if you want a different version.

Or with the following instruction set:

Development Branch: svn co NGE_SDK-trunk

Stable Branch: svn co NGE_SDK-stable


The documentation can be downloaded from the menu on the left or here below. On the left is the manual and on the right you have the quick guide. Both are written for version 0.1 and will be completely valid for the first release. After it, unless I announce a v0.2 docs I can't assure you they are completely valid but of course the spirit of NGE isn't going to change any time soon so they should be good enough for even further versions. The version in the file name represent the version of NGE the documentation was written for. Oh and don't be intimidated by the size of the manual in the image there, it's an image of the manual including the doxygen part. The parts that should interest you are the first 15-17 pages.