Features that could be in the next releases are described here 



NGE's Manual - v0.1 (.pdf)

NGE's Quick Guide - v0.1 (.pps)



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Discussion about certain features, from every list out of these three can be discussed here


TODO list for the next release:

This isn't a complete list. Some features might be added or removed.
  • Add more examples (mini games)
  • Clean default values in concrete classes
  • Replace code style in some files (many files).


Might get in the next release:

These are features that I'm not completely sure if I'm going to add them to the next release. Probably because of time, how hard it is to add them or how necessary are they. Also API changes might be delayed for later versions so they will be here until I decide if they go to the next release.

  • Add a parameter to Game::run() to choose the back buffer color instead of having it predefined inside run()'s implementation (which the user does not touch)
  • Redo the menu API/functionality of the Menu State.

Will not be in next the release:

These features will not be in the next release but are planned to be in the following releases. (They are mostly a reminder list so I don't forget to add them)

  • Scripting system with AngelScript
  • Script editor
  • GUI editor
  • AVI player (probably using Acki's IAVIPlayer from his IrrExtensions)
  • Split screen support
  • Save/Load Level using XML (something like saveScene())
  • Add a console window (Quake-like or HL2-like maybe)
  • Make the Irrlicht's file system work with the NGE's audio system.
  • Make a custom cursor drawer class (so you can generate cursors at runtime)
  • Make an easy irrDevice switch