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Tomer Nosrati aka MasterGod; Project Lead.

Location: Israel. E-Mail:

I have founded the engine out of my passion to game developing. I had so many ideas for cool games but lacking the right tools to make them they've been forgotten within the years. I've decided enough is enough, its time to do what it takes, for how long it takes and change this terrible truth. I've taken some time to learn C++ and earned a bit experience with computer graphics using the 3D Graphic Engine Irrlicht, before I decided to start this project. This project is suppose to give me the right tools to develop games and let my imagination come to life.

My good old friend Omer Katz, is also a C++ programmer. Before college we have made a decision, I'm going to learn intensively C++ and game programming while he's developing his D&D library which handles all the calculating needed for a D&D hardcore game and after we both finish our service in the army we will start working together to make our D&D hardcore game.

Programming is a way of life for me, it is my art, it is the way I contribute to the world. I hope I'll enter the game industry quickly and continue my life as a game programmer, which is my dream since I was a child.


Because the engine is based on some other very useful libraries, and a lot of people have been supporting the engine in different ways, I want to say thanks to you all. Here is a (hopefully complete) list of thanks. Thank you very much for supporting the engine! (Did I forget anyone? Just send me a mail)

  • Nikolaus Gebhardt Creator of the Irrlicht & irrKlang engines, used to produce high quality graphics & audio.
  • Nastase Catalin A video games developer from Romania who helped me develop my project. He is also developing a game engine himself which you can check in here.
  • The Irrlicht community A community of game programmers and programmers in general whom I always can count to help me in any situation.
Sylence - Thanks for your *.ini file parser.
Dark_Kilauea - Thanks for your Grid Scene Node.
Virion - Thanks for creating the new NGE Logo.
randomMesh - Thanks for being my Linux guide and being a LOT of help in porting the engine into Linux, you're the best. Thanks also for writing the Makefiles and testing Linux stuff too.
sopordave - Thanks for helping porting the project into Linux.
vitek - Thanks for the sound emitter & listener scene nodes.
Ofer Klein  - Thanks for helping with math problems.
Dietfrid Mali (aka karx11erx) – Thanks for helping me making better docs.
Dorth - Thanks for many good tips.