Pumpkin Object Lessons (5-9 year olds)

Summer is offically finished now that Labor Day is complete. Time to start turning our attention toward autumn. Pretty soon pumpkins and all sorts of colored squashes and gords will appear in farmers markets, pumpkin patches, and in decorations on homes. There are two different ways you can use a pumpkin to explain how wonderful God is to your child.
1st Lesson.....Perky the Orange Pumpkin Story (author unknown)

You will need the following:
5 small pumpkins
4 colors of paint (red, green, yellow, blue, and of course the orange ones)
and the story printed below

Take 4 of the pumpkins and dip them into the paint to change their color (you should still have one orange)
Allow paint to dry.
Once dry share this story with your child.

Perky the Orange Pumpkin

Once upon a time, there was a little orange pumpkin named Perky. One day he looked around in the pumpkin patch and saw that all his friends were orange. He thought he would like to be some other color. So he sat up proud and said, "I’m a pumpkin round and fat, (make a round shape with hands) and I can change my color (point to self) just like that!" (on that, snap your fingers)

All of a sudden, at the snap of his fingers, he was a green pumpkin. (hold up the green pumpkin) Green as the grass. Perky went to play with the other pumpkins, but what do you think happened? His friends did not see him because he was the same color as the grass. He was disappointed. He didn’t think it was fun to be a green pumpkin. So he said, (encourage the children to join in and repeat motions as above) "I’m a pumpkin round and fat, and I can change my color just like that!"

And then what color was he? (hold up blue pumpkin) He was blue, all over! Blue like the water and blue like the sky. Perky was so proud of his pretty new color that he decided to go for a walk and let everyone admire him.

He came to a little pond of water. But do you know what happened? Perky leaned over to look at himself and kerplop! Splash, he went into the water. Poor little Perky did not know how to swim. He was scared. He called for help. He called so loudly, his friends came rolling over to help him. They looked in the water but they could not see him because he was blue like the water.

Luckily, his friend, Timothy Turtle came swimming by. He told Perky to climb on his back. Timothy Turtle gave him a safe ride back to the shore. Perky thanked his friend for helping him. Right there he decided he didn’t want to be blue anymore. So he said, "I’m a pumpkin round and fat, and I
can change my color just like that!"

And what color was he then?(hold up yellow pumpkin) He was yellow like the sun. He was so proud of his new color. He decided to go back to
the pumpkin patch and show his friends. Well, when his friends saw him they laughed and said, "You look silly." How do you think that made Perky feel? He felt embarrassed and sad. He decided to show them and make himself into a better color. So he said, "I’m a pumpkin, round and fat, and I can change my color, just like that!"

And what color was he then?(hold up the red pumpkin) He was red, red like an apple. He began to go back and show his friends, when he saw people coming to pick a special pumpkin to take home. He thought for sure that he would get chosen because he was such a beautiful color red. But the people walked right past him. They looked at all the others and said "This one is nice and round and fat, AND such a beautiful ORANGE color." Many of Perky’s friends found new homes that day. But not Perky.

Perky decided he didn’t want to be a red pumpkin anymore. He decided he didn’t want to be yellow, or blue, or green either. Do you know what he thought? He thought he would just like to be himself, round and fat and a beautiful orange color - maybe he would find a nice home like his friends. So Perky said, "I’m a pumpkin round and fat, and I can change my color just like that!" And what color do you suppose he was now? (hold up orange pumpkin) A beautiful orange!

Just then a family came to the pumpkin patch. The children got out and ran to Perky. "This is the best one we’ve seen all day." Said the little girl. "Can we take him home, please?" Said the little boy. And they scooped Perky up in their arms and took him home. Now Perky was a very happy pumpkin just being himself. Just the way God made him - an orange pumpkin. The End

Scripture Verse: Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. ( This says we are all created by God and we should be happy with the way He made us.

So that was lesson number 1... Here is another lesson with a pumpkin.