Quarterfinal Game Scheduling Rules

Here are the state rules that the home team must follow when scheduling the State quarterfinal game...

C) Responsibilities of Coaches and Managers:
a. The following are the responsibilities of the assigned home team:
i. Providing the visiting team with game time and adequate directions to the home team’s venue.
ii. Marking the field of play;
iii. Providing a proper game ball;
iv. Providing nets;
v. Confirming that a referee has been assigned by their Member Association referee coordinator for any game that has had a change in time, place, or date since originally scheduled and confirmed with the opposing team.
b. Responsibilities of the assigned visiting team:
i. Visiting teams must confirm to the home team receipt of the above directions, game time and field location on the Thursday night prior to the game, by no later than 9:00 PM, and changes within 72 hours of the game must be re-confirmed by the visiting team.

D) All tournament games shall be played on the day scheduled. To declare a field unplayable due to adverse weather conditions will be the prerogative of the referee, the Tournament Committee Chair(s) and the Competition Development Manager. If games are canceled due to an unplayable field or adverse weather that prevents a team from traveling to the venue site, the Tournament Committee Chair(s) and the Competition Development Manager will determine the rescheduling. Game may be left not played if applicable, in which case no points will be awarded for either team.

E) Failure of a referee to show up will not be the cause for canceling or protesting the game. A substitute official must be chosen upon agreement by both coaches and that official's decision will be final and must be in writing.

F) If a team has to travel more than seventy five (75) miles one way from their club address to play a game, the home team must schedule the game at a reasonable time for travel (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM). Exceptions to this rule may apply if the traveling team agrees to the change via email or fax and a copy is sent to each team’s Association Tournament Representative.

G) If both teams are properly notified per “C” above and one fails to show up, following a 15-minute grace period, the game will be forfeited to the showing team. (Extenuating circumstances may be favorably considered by the Tournament Committee Chair(s) and the Competition Development Manager.)

The home team/club is responsible for the game costs (field and referee's).  Referee's for the quarterfinal game must be assigned by CSRA for games hosted in Region 5 (SW Washington). 

If the SW Washington home teams wish to host the quarterfinal game on turf, the average cost of a turf field is around $120 for two hours.  If your team/club wishes to host the game on turf and you do not have access, please contact Ron Witherup and he can assist you in scheduling a turf field in the area. 

U11-15 & Boys U16-19 games will be played Saturday December 7th. 
Girls U16-19 games will be played Sunday December 8th.