Protests Rules for the Region 5 Recreational Cup Round of the State Recreational Cup.

(a) PROTESTS are complaints arising out of the misapplication of the Laws of the Game or misapplication of tournament administrative rule. The protest must be based upon violations of the published rules of the tournament or Washington Youth Soccer rules or FIFA Laws of the Game. Only those directly involved are permitted to file a protest. Only the coach of record for the game may file a protest.

(b) The Director of the Tournament shall adjudicate all protests arising out of the Regional Tournament.

(c) If a match will be protested, the referee and opposing coach must be notified within ten (10)
minutes of the final whistle.

(d) Any protest must be submitted in writing, accompanied by a $50.00 fee to the tournament director as outlined in the procedures described herein within two (2) hours of the event being protested. The fee is refundable if the protest is upheld. No hearing or other administrative action shall result from circumstances or charges which are only communicated verbally.
(1) All protests must include the specific circumstances and rule / Laws of the Game violation(s) which lead to the protest.

(e) Filing Procedures:
A protest must be filed in writing and shall include:
(1) The nature and specifics of the complaint.
(2) A listing of the rules or procedures which have been violated, including rule number.
(3) A statement of the desired resolution.
(4) Proper filing fee.

(g) The adjudication of any protest or allegation of misconduct must be completed within one hour after the filing of the cause of action in its completed form.

(h) The decision and/or disciplinary sanctions imposed as the result of an adjudication of any protest shall be binding. The filing of an appeal shall not "stay" the execution of such decisions and/or disciplinary sanctions.