November 16th and 17th, 2013

Tournament Rules
Protest Procedures
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What is the Recreational Cup?

The Recreational Cup is the Washington Youth Soccer State Tournament exclusively for U11-U19 recreational teams. The tournaments preliminary games are held within each respective District in November with the Region 5 games being held the weekend of November 16 &17, 2013. The Region 5 champions will then proceed to the the State Quarterfinals the weekend of December 7 or 8, 2013, with the winners moving on to the State Semi-finals and Finals, December 14 or 15.

2013 Region 5 Recreational Cup Champions

GU11 - Vancouver United Screamers
GU12 - Pacific
North Explosions
GU13 - Longview
GU14 - Vancouver West
GU15 - Vancouver United Blue Storm
GU19 - Vancouver West Pumas (State Finalists!)
BU11 - Camas Washougal Giants
BU12 - Vancouver United Allstars
BU13 - Vancouver West Comets
BU14 - Vancouver West FC United (State Champions!)
BU15 - Vancouver United Cheetahs FC (State Finalists!)
BU16 - Vancouver West Dragons

Other 2013 teams that have advanced to the State Quarterfinals

GU11 - Kelso Soccer Club Fire and Ice
GU15 - Salmon Creek Fire
GU16 - Pacific Tigers
GU19 - Vancouver United Inferno
BU14 - Vancouver United Warriors
BU16 - Longview Wolf Gang
BU17 - Vancouver United FC Neverlusen
BU19 - Vancouver West Millennium
(State Champions!)

2012 Region 5 Recreational Cup Champions

GU11 - Prairie Cheetahs
GU12 - Longview Warriors

GU13 - Vancouver West Dynamite
GU14 - Vancouver West Panthers
GU15 - Battle Ground Tigers
U18 - Vancouver West Pumas
BU11 - Vancouver West Cobras (State Champions!)
BU12 - Camas/Washougal The Guardians
BU13 - Vancouver United Warriors
(State Finalists!)
BU14 - Vancouver United Allstars (State Finalists!)
BU15 - Longview Team Red

Other 2012 teams that have advanced to the State Quarterfinals

GU11 - Camas/Washoual Twisters
U16 - Vancouver United Explosions

GU17 - Vancouver United Sun Devils
BU12 - Vancouver West Comets
BU17 - Vancouver United Thunder
BU18 - Vancouver West Millennium 

2011 Region 5 Recreational Cup Champions

BU11 - Westside Cobras (State Finalists!)
BU12 - Westside FC United
BU13 - Westside Cheetahs
BU14 - Eisenhower Dragons
BU15 - Camas/Washougal Cheetahs
BU18/19 - Westside Boca Juniors
GU11 - VUSA Strikers
GU12 - Camas/Washougal Kicks
GU13 - VUSA Blue Storm
GU14 - Longview RHCP
GU18/19 - Westside Huskies

Other 2011 Teams that advanced to the State Quarterfinals
BU13 - VUSA All-Stars
BU16 - VUSA Thunder

BU17 - Westside Sliver Lightning
GU14 - Longview Rebels
GU15 - VUSA Sun Devils

GU16 - VUSA Strikers
GU18/19 - Westside Pumas

2010 Region 5 Recreational Cup Champions
GU11 - LR Angels
GU12 - VUSA Blue Storm
GU13 - LR Woodland Stryckers

GU14 - BG Tigers
GU15 - VUSA Strikers
BU11 - BG Cheetahs
BU12 - WS Cheetahs (State Finalists!)
BU13 - EI Dragons

BU14 - CW Cheetahs
BU16 - WS Silver Lightning
BU18 - VUSA Jets (State Finalists!)
BU19 - VUSA Storm (State Champions!)

Other 2010 Teams that advanced to the State Quarterfinals
GU15 - PR Rapids
GU16 - VUSA Diamonds
GU17 - WS Pumas
GU18 - WS Huskies (State Finalists!)
GU19 - CW New Liberty (State Finalists!)

BU15 - VUSA Thunder
BU17 - CW Rockets (State Champions!)