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Following are the list of features provided by JFetch

  • POP3 and IMAP Protocol Support

  • Can handle any number of Maildrops

  • Polling mechanism to periodically check maildrops for new messages

  • Filtering system for downloading mail

  • Standard filters provided like Size, Message-id, Sender

  • Easy pluggability of user defined filters

  • Runs on all platforms supported by Java2

  • Configurable logging mechanism to keep track of mails downloaded

  • Multiple delivery options provided - like Mailbox and SMTP Delivery

  • Delivery options accessible at the filter level

  • Experimental NNTP Support

JFetch - the future

In the future I see JFetch support a lot more filters, here are some of my TODOs
  • Attachment control filter

  • Some sort of Matching system - this would be excellent as it would allow combinations of filters

  • More delivery options - MH, Maildir come to mind

  • A Bayesian SPAM filter (check [WWW]A Plan for SPAM)