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Hi, I am Gautam Mani (execve@users.sourceforge.net) and I wrote JFetch when I wanted more control over [WWW]fetchmail. Being a dialup user, I value my time spent online - and needed filters while downloading my mail through POP. The advantage JFetch gives me over other standard POP clients is that it allows me to filter my email even before downloading it.

JFetch has been designed to be very flexible. JFetch uses some ideas from the [WWW]Apache Jakarta Avalon project. I would highly recommend taking a look at it.

JFetch has two dependencies on the Avalon project -

  • Jakarta Avalon LogKit - logging system

  • Jakarta Avalon API - The interfaces and utility classes

JFetch also uses the mbox and nntp providers from the [WWW]GNU Classpathx project. NNTP support is currently experimental.

For configuring JFetch, you will need to read the Configuration page and then to take a look at some sample filters. A quick start for example would be to look at NullMailFilter and then MessageIDMailFilter. JFetch uses [WWW]JavaMail for accessing maildrops.

You can also download the latest release from [WWW]here.