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Music: Here it is! The Rainmaker is  electronica based, and features everything from Trance to Ambient to Drum N' Bass. 

Violineage X4 -A 909-tastic dance-driven remix of Vivaldi's Concerto for 4 Violins. I am particularly fond of the synth solo at 1:35.

Polyxo -Originally known as electro, this dance song features lots of unique sounds and a simple bassline.

Solomon Squared -Relying heavily on its chord progression, this dance tune features plenty of trance elements to keep it interesting.

Abstractis Goa -A relatively old ambient piece that features a dark atmosphere and some trip-hop elements.

Phaola -The final song created for The Rainmaker, this curious yet tragic Trance song features an interesting chord progression, and my first inclusion of a breakbeat section. Created specifically for avid Trance listeners.

Genresis -Opening with an oddball chord progression, this mixed genre piece transcends across a variety of styles including DnB and Hard Trance.

Do Not Go Gentle (Ambi-Acid DnB Mix) -Part one of my epic remix of Dylan Thomas' poem, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Kind of experimental; the title says it all.

Do Not Go Gentle (Rave Remix) -Part two of the poem remix, this one is more of a joke, but features some decent bEaTz.

serenayd 4D -Part two of my remix of Dvorak's Serenade for Strings (part one didn't make the cut). The only major-key song on the album, this features dance elements.

Mysterious Shadow -Finished way back in 2005, MS takes a minimalist approach to dark techno, featuring mostly drum sounds. Makes for a good Halloween soundtrack.

Coronis -A techno track in three parts. Each part features a different progression, but they both share a specially modified crash effect.

Eudora -Sister song of Coronis, Eudora features more of a house influence; and like many of my techno songs, features active Trance elements.

Forbidden Donut -Finally, some Drum N' Bass. Newly re-imagined with better sounds, this tune features quotes from The Simpsons over a dark atmosphere.

Ambrosia (Radio Edit) -My favorite song on The Rainmaker. A slightly wacky intro turns into a profound ambient section, which leads to an absolutely inspiring Trance buildup. Even I am amazed that I made this. Extended version available here. (link soon)

Undergrounder -Easily my best Drum N' Bass song yet.  Ambient intro, followed by a fast-paced introduction of drums and bass, then a polyphony of chromatic progressions at war with each other, alternating with a softer piano section.

R73 -To end things right, there is the essential Hyades D4 classic, R73. A mellow bass intro leads to some classic 909 sounds. These serve as a baseline for a bizzaro organ lead and some seriously busy synth lines later.