Middle School Solo & Ensemble

Dear Junior High School District IV OMEA members:


Cuyahoga Community College is once again hosting District IV’s Junior High School Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event on March 17th, 2018 here at the Western Campus!  


Registration for this event is due on-line by February 17th, and we can no longer make any exceptions for entries past that date – we can correct spelling, change pieces, we can change information on the registrations ALREADY IN, but there is no longer ANY way for us to add after midnight on February 17th!


We want to help you start now to get your students registered and practicing for this great event!  If you have never registered students before, or even if you have, here is the procedure:


1.      You should have your NAfME membership card handy, so you can access your ID number. Go to http://portal.omea-ohio.org

2.      Enter your ID number, with “0’s in the front to total 9 characters, and your password.  NOTE: If you are just starting out on this site, your password is your 5-digit zip code, (Home zip from the membership information you gave when you signed up. Change the password once you are in if you wish.)

3.      Check your membership information to make sure e-mails and phone numbers are correct! (Click on the Membership heading and then My Information.) 

4.      Click on the Adjudicated Events heading, and the Junior High School Solo and Ensemble tab on the left column.

5.      Click on the Forms and Rulebooks tab to get familiar with any changes or new events you and your students will need to know for this Event!  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE AND WHAT IS NOT!

6.      There is a required list for Senior High School, but NOT for Junior High School.   But you CAN use the Required List as a reference to choose acceptable solos/ensembles for your students – make sure you have the right edition/publisher and accompaniment. If you need help with this, most music stores in Ohio have the list also, and can help access stuff – I suggest Educators Music in Lakewood, Royalton Music in North Royalton, Rettig Music in North Ridgeville, or Stanton’s Sheet Music in Columbus (614-224-4257). They are able to get music or will have copies of most music and accompaniments! YOU NEED ORIGINALS FOR THE ADJUDICATORS!

7.      Deadline for DISTRICT IV the Junior High School Solo and Ensemble Event is February 17th.  The site is open now.  Once you are done registering students, PRINT OUT A COMPOSITE FORM and send it on to me, with your payment or Purchase Order made out to OMEA District IV. Send these to me at:

Kira Seaton, OMEA Site Chair

Cuyahoga Community College, Western Campus

11000 Pleasant Valley Road, Parma, OH 44130.


DON’T send your money to the District IV Treasurer – I have to vouch for your payment!!!  Also, once again, don’t forget to check the rules and regulations tab on-line to make sure your sheet music and accompaniments are the correct versions in the correct keys.  Adjudicators MUST FOLLOW OMEA GUIDELINES – Don’t put them in a spot by bringing the wrong materials!


For Your Information: Our band room, where the Percussion and possibly some Brass or Woodwind Events will be, has some large percussion equipment available:

     Orchestra bells                   Chimes                                   Hanging Gong   (tam-tam)      Xylophone     

     Vibraphone                        Low-A marimba                     4 timpani                                 Suspended bass drum


We will not have any snares, small drums or drum stands or thrones available, and all schools should bring their own mallets and drumsticks.   There are steps down into the sunken percussion room, with a handicapped chair-lift, so we can move in whatever you need.

Excerpts from the Success in Adjudicated Events

How can I ensure Adjudicated Events are positive experiences for my students?

1. Read and follow the rules.

2. Be sure students are thoroughly prepared.

3. Emphasize the learning taking place in preparation, not the final rating.

4. Consider Festival Participation for initial experiences.


Secrets to Solo & Ensemble Success:

1.  Preparation—be sure the student knows their scales, have their text memorized, etc.

2.  Prepare the student for what to expect from the process when they go into the room. Have them sit through a few other performances earlier in the day if possible so they know what to expect.

3.  Record a rehearsal, critique the tape with the student/ensemble. YOU CANNOT RECORD ANY EVENTS THAT DAY!  STUDENTS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IF CAUGHT! Please warn parents about this – no cell phones out, no selfies, NO RECORDING during performances!

4.  Make sure a teacher is in the room during a performance.

5.  Read sheet with student/ensemble and discuss.

6.  Make sure students, directors, parents, accompanists, and everyone involved is aware of all rules and regulations.



Let’s make some beautiful music!   Kira Seaton


Professor of Music, Coordinator/Music and Dance, Cuyahoga Community College, Western Campus

11000 Pleasant Valley Road, Parma, OH 44130


Office: 216.987.5279             

Cell: 216-269-7575