High School Solo & Ensemble

Dear Ohio Music Colleagues in the High Schools of District IV:


Once again, Tri-C is hosting District IV’s High School Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event on February 11th, 2017 here at the Western Campus of Cuyahoga Community College!   Tri-C West is at 11000 Pleasant Valley Road in Parma


REGISTRATION INFORMATION:   Don’t forget registration is ON-LINE!

Go to http://portal.omea-ohio.org.  You will need your NAfME ID number and your home Zip code is your password, (or whatever you changed it to after first access).  Registration starts December 14, 2016, and ends Jan. 14, 2017 


PLEASE NOTE:  I cannot physically enter ANYONE after the deadline, so I can no longer take ANY LATE REGISTRATIONS!


COST:  This year’s fees for High School Solo and Ensemble are as follows:  Each Solo entry is $18.00.  The Ensemble Entries are each $23. This is a slight increase from last year.



We want to encourage directors to use the required list for entries as much as possible – BUT there is another new option.  OPEN CLASS is now an option for students who wish to perform a solo that is not on the required list.  This option gives some flexibility to students preparing for college auditions and is intended mostly for that purpose.  HOWEVER, students performing in Open Class will NOT receive a rating….only comments!



Once you have done the on-line registration, you must print out a copy of your list with names, school information, your e-mails and the total costs, and put the list AND check or P.O. voucher made out to OMEA District IV in an envelope.   DON’T send your money and registration to the District IV Treasurer – I have to vouch for your payment!!! 


You have the payment made out OMEA District IV and address the envelope to me:

Kira Seaton

Cuyahoga Community College, Western Campus

11000 Pleasant Valley Road, Parma, OH 44130


EVENT SCHEDULES AND DIRECTIONS AND MAPS will be sent out to the schools once registration and the scheduling process are completed.  This is usually about 2 weeks before the event and is sent out by e-mail to the Directors. A schedule will be posted on-line on the Facebook page as well.



MAKE SURE TO check the rules and regulations book on-line ON THE OMEA WEBSITE to make sure your sheet music and accompaniments are the correct versions in the correct keys. Judges MUST FOLLOW OMEA GUIDELINES – Don’t put them in a spot by bringing the wrong materials!          


WARM-UP ROOMS AND AVAILABLE INSTRUMENTS:  Warm-up rooms for all musicians will not be not too far away from all the action, and piano warm-up rooms will be close to those events as needed.  The only small inconvenience might be the cafeteria, which is a bit further north of the performing areas, through the building to the center of campus.


Our band room, where the Percussion and possibly some Brass or Woodwinds will be held, has some large percussion equipment available:

Orchestra bells             Chimes                         Hanging Gong (tam-tam)        Xylophone    

Vibraphone                  Low-A marimba          4 timpani                     Suspended bass drum


Please note – we will not have any snare or small drums or drum stands available. Also, all schools should bring their own mallets and drumsticks.   There are steps down into the sunken percussion room, with a handicapped chair-lift.



DIRECTOR’S LUNCHEON:   Please make your reservations for the Director’s luncheon served that day sometime before January 20th. Lunch for you and your accompanists will be provided this year by OMEA District IV –but we need to know numbers.


If there are things you wish to know that I have forgotten to mention, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail at the address below.   I look forward to seeing you all on February 11th.    Let’s make some beautiful music!  


Kira Seaton, Professor of Music, Coordinator/Music and Dance

Cuyahoga Community College, Western Campus

11000 Pleasant Valley Road, Parma, OH 44130

kira.seaton@tri-c.edu              Office:  216.987.5279              Cell: 216-269-7575