Welcome to the D3 Basketball Index.  This is a system that that attempts to rank Division III men's basketball teams in a way that can predict future game outcomes and scoring margins.  This system is similar to other ranking systems such as Massey and Sagarin but has been optimized to produce the best results using only games between teams that play a majority of their games against other Division III teams.
On the left you will will find links to pages showing the ranking information in different formats.  I hope to continue expanding the information available but we will see how much time I have to develop things once the season starts.  Currently, you can find a daily updated "Top 75" along with at least a weekly update of the rankings for all teams.  You can also find the predictions for the current day's games.  I will also be providing conference rankings and strength of schedule ratings at least once a week.  I hope to have individual conference pages at some point in the future also.