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Reclaiming deep, meditative reading from the internet distraction engine one mind at a time.

When a reader goes deep, they assume an uninterrupted, continual, meditative connection with the text.  Distraction and the fictional concept of multi-tasking prevent a reader from truly grokking a text.  Any time a reader is interrupted by incoming social media distractions (tweets, Facebook updates, emails, etc) or just typical web-design (advertising, hyperlinks, task bars, etc) they break this connection with the text that we have developed over a thousand years of book reading.

Multi-tasking is a myth.  When someone does many things at once, they do them all in a less effective manner.  DEEP READER is an application that restores an electronic device's ability to present text in an uninterrupted, meditative manner.  No longer will your attention be at the mercy of click happy web designers and online advertising teams.

DEEP READER MOBILE: an application for smart phones.  When activated, deep reader suppresses all notices and warnings related to the internet.  While reading a text on your smart phone, DEEP READER will act as your distraction interference, allowing your mind to do what it does best, deeply parse text in an uninterrupted, meditative manner.  When you pull up a webpage and activate DEEP READER, it presents the text in a high-contrast, non-hyper-text screen.  The text is laid out as neatly and clearly as possible.  You are able to adjust text size and colour when you install the app, so when you settle in to read deeply, you are in the most comfortable, protected mind-space possible, and completely free of distractions.  No buzzing, pings, flashing notification lights, until you step out of your meditative reading space.

DEEP READER CHROME APP: an application that runs in the Chrome browser on Windows, Apple and Linux computers and tablets.  Just like the mobile app, the DEEP READER browser app protects you from yourself.  When activated, the DEEP READER app masks all incoming distractions.  If the app is running, users cannot see notifications or switch to other windows without closing down the app. 

DEEP READER STUDENT EDITION:  In the student edition of the app there is a multiple question lock option.  No internet distraction engine until you've spent some quiet, contemplative time inside the text!  Students can only close the app (and thereby reconnect) by correctly answering questions about the text that only deep reading would uncover.  The student edition also makes use of facetime cameras in ipads and iphones to track text eye motion, allowing student and teacher to review how they parsed a piece of text, and examine the effectiveness of their deep reading habits.