District 2 Jazz

February 14-16, 2019
General McLane High School
Jacob Malec, Host Director

Paperwork Due:  TBA

District Jazz Forms
You may now access forms on the State Website at http://www.pmea.net/festivals/.  You will need your primary email registered with PMEA as well as your PMEA membership ID number to log in to access the forms.

Forms MUST arrive to the festival host by November 1 as per our District 2 deadline.  DO NOT use any forms from any other source or prior years!

Please go to the Files and Forms page for student forms you will need to download, copy, and send to host:
  1. PMEA Student Policy Acceptance Form
  2. Student Medical Form
  3. Invoice WITH Payment
    Please make checks payable to :  TBA
Forms to be completed by December 1st, AFTER students are selected:
  1. Student Online Form
  2. Director Online Form
  3. Principal Signature Page (NEW)
  4. Student Dietary Needs Form
  5. Instrument Responsibility Form
Please send paperwork and payment to:

School or student paperwork not received 2 weeks prior to auditions will not be permitted to audition.

Auditions:  TBA; Youngsville High School
*Please note: Directors meeting is at TBA; Auditions begin at TBA.

Audition Fee:  $10.00
*Students auditioning on multiple instruments count as only one audition fee.
*Audition fees must be paid prior to auditions.
*Audition fees may be paid at the door.
*Audition fee invoice located below.

Audition Selections:
2014-2015:  Joe's Thing
2015-2016:  A-Doll
2016-2017:  Rose
2017-2018:  Father's Song
2018-2019:  Blue Minor
2019-2020:  Proxy

Bass Scales are located below.

2018 Directors:
Band 1: TBA
Band 2: TBA
Band 3: TBA
Band 4: TBA
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