District 2 Band

January 24-26, 2019
Meadville Area Senior High
Armond Walter, Host

District Band Forms
You may now access forms on the State Website at http://www.pmea.net/festivals/.  You will need your primary email registered with PMEA as well as your PMEA membership ID number to log in to access the forms.

Forms MUST arrive to the festival host by Sept. 21 as per our District 2 deadline.  Should you successfully complete the online forms and there are no glitches, those will follow the students for the remainder of the festivals. DO NOT use any forms from any other source or prior years!

Please go to the Files and Forms page for student forms you will need to download, copy, and send to host:
  1. Principal Signature Page (NEW)
  2. PMEA Student Policy Acceptance Form
  3. Student Medical Form
  4. Director's Preference Form for Band
Forms to be completed by October 14th after students are selected:
  1. Student Online Form
  2. Director Online Form
  3. Student Dietary Needs Form
  4. Instrument Responsibility Form
You and the students will be asked to create a Submittable account when clicking on links.  Please click the one specific to YOUR festival.  If you have a student hoping to attend both festivals they must fill out an online form for each specific festival.
*Located below is the list of eligible auto-return students who placed in the top half of their section at last year's Region II Band.  Remember that auto-returns count towards your quota.

*Directors are responsible for downloading and distributing the appropriate PMEA Scale sheets to their participating students for District 2 Band auditions.  Scale sheets are located below.

*Audition materials for Piccolo, Eb Soprano Clarinet, and Double Bass for All-State Band are available now at: www.pmea.net/etudes.  The first chair piccolo, Eb soprano clarinet, and double bass at District Band will have a window of opportunity to submit and audition for All-State Band.

*Audition materials for All-east are also available at www.pmea.net/etudes.  If you have an outstanding sophomore or junior who was accepted to District Band, have them start on this now. Everyone else on the East Coast who is serious about moving on is practicing.

*Have your students start practicing now, don't wait.  Everyone else in the state who knows about these opportunities and want the spots will be practicing.

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