• Converts VIDEO files to DVD, DIVX, Bluray, AVCHD;
  • Blu-ray / AVCHD 720 & 1080;
  • Automatic bitrate feature;
  • WMV file support;
  • MKV and MPEG files also supported in D2MP PLUS;
  • Uses complete freeware package;
  • Compatible with several video encoders (quenc, hcenc, aqe, cce trial);
  • Unique Quality measurement and Quality assurance algorithm;
  • Perfect conversion between PAL and NTSC formats;
  • Subtitle processing (internal rendering algorithm for DVD Standard subtitles);
  • DVD Menu authoring tool (with buttons, colors, background and "snap to grid");
  • Selectable and Permanent subtitles;
  • Auto detects interlaced/progressive mode, telecined status and field order;
  • Auto detects 4:3, 16:9 (1.85:1)  and 2.35:1 aspect ratios;
  • 4:3 and 16:9 output;
  • Noise reduction option;
  • Multi-pass video encoding selection;
  • DVD audio language and subtitle language selection;
  • DVD Join mode (multiple AVI’s to multiple DVD tracks or multiple AVI’s to single DVD track);
  • Auto DVD chapter  generation;
  • Audio output in mp2 and ac3 (2 channels and 5.1 channels);
  • Audio output auto gain;
  • Subtitle output in SRT and STL formats;


I will maintain and improve D2MP over time.
If you want you may give a EUR 7.00 donation.
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To all donators I will offer the unlock key to D2MP PLUS with some nice additional functions - just click the D2MP PLUS link in the left frame.
If you think D2MP it is not worthy, don’t waste money!

The licensing issuing process may take up to 48 hours.


The main concern when writing the code was to assure the best possible quality in the avi to dvd conversion and mainly in NTSC to PAL.

Several programs exist in the market for this objective (DIVX2DVD, AVI2DVd, DIKO, MovieFactory, and so on). But none does the all the correct conversions between all formats. D2MP does it right !

There are different algorithms to the different conversion schemes:
  1. PAL to PAL Direct conversion;
  2. NTSC 23.976 fps to PAL The movie is slightly speed up (assumefps(25)) and audio resync accordingly.
  3. Pure NTSC 29.97 fps to PAL Conversion done with convertfps.
  4. NTSC 29.97 (previously telecined) Conversion done with the help of a Inverse Telecine process to remove duplicated frames
  5. PAL and FILM to NTSC conversions.
For doing this, the software works with freeware or trial software. So, you can have a full free divx to mpg software solution.

You can also, optionally use the trial version of Cinema Craft Encoder (from Custom Technology).

For input you can give any AVI with PAL (25 fps), NTSC (29.97 fps) or FILM (29.978) frame rates.

A special care as taken in consideration to assure the maximum quality in the conversion process between TV Standards.

At this moment, the software only supports output in DVD PAL format. In a near future the NTSC output support will also be included

IQA - Intelligent Quality Assurance:

This is a special algorithm I’ve developed to compare the quality of the source movie with the pretense quality of the result encoded movie.