New d20 Rules

Below are links and information regarding new d20 rules to expand on the d20 Modern/Future universe for the Core Campaign setting.
d20 Rule Additions/Modifications
These rules cover aspects of the CORE universe not documented in any of the d20 Modern/Future books.  Most of these are under constant development and improvement. 
Advanced Computer Use - Do more with computer use skill.  Includes rules for hacking systems and information searching.
Architecture of Networks - How are computer networks and networked technologies defined in d20 Modern / Future? How does PL affect computerization?  How do you hack an elevator or a corporate network?
Cyberware - Rules on cyberware and its affect on your mind.
Decks - Specialized hardware used for hacking and manipulating networks.
Drugs - Chemistry to manipulate the mind and body.
Future Cities - How are cities influenced by PL?  What are large cities like and what are small cities like?
Design and Innovation - Invention rules.
Vehicle Construction - Vehicles are like mecha, they share the same armor and weapon systems.  However, vehicles are designed for specific terrains and functions.  These rules allow you to build your vehicle to spec from the ground up.
Military Vehicle Construction - Specialized combat vehicles that differ from your standard road worthy adversary.  Special rules to cover multi-axle multi-movtive vehicles from tracks to tires to hover platforms.  Bring realistic d20 military combat to your game.
Ammunition - How much damage does a 9mm caseless AP round do?
Additional Gear
More equipment to get the job done.  Ranging from expanded guns to mecha and starships, enough to cover any job that needs to get done.
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