Welcome to the LIBRARY at the Czech and Slovak School of NC!


  • LOCATION: 4405 Hope Valley Road, Durham, NC 27707


  • CATALOGUE: The online catalog is accessible via the menu options above. You can browse the books by language (Czech vs. Slovak) and by intended age group (books for children vs. books for adults). The library currently offers 170 books for children and adults and we are adding new titles as they arrive.




1)      Each family can borrow up to 5 books at a time.

2)      Books can be borrowed at the beginning of class on the last Saturday of each month.

3)      Lending period is one month. This means that families can keep the borrowed books until the last Saturday of the following month.

4)     To check out a book, come to the library room on the last Saturday of each month, select the books you wish to borrow, and record the titles and your name with the librarian.

5)      All books should be returned to the Library by last day of the school year. Only with a special permission from the Librarian can books be borrowed for the duration of the summer vacation.

6)      Any lost or significantly damaged books must be replaced by the borrower with the exact same or similar title as approved by the Librarian.


  • REGISTRATION: Library registration is FREE for families of students who attend classes for children or adults at the Czech and Slovak School of NC. The registration fee for the general public is $25 per family per school year. If you or your family members are not our current students, please contact the Librarian to fill out Library Registration Form.


Are you able to donate any new or used Czech or Slovak books? Please contact us here!

Thank you!