Quentin Crain 

Summary: Software engineer having 18+ years experience with industry leader Intel implementing the full life-cycle of complex systems in production environments.
Education: B.S., Computer and Information Science, June 1994, University of Oregon
503 310 1118

Work Detail:

Intel Corporation
Nov. 1996 - Present
2501 NW 229th
Hillsboro, OR 97124
503 696 8080

Framework Architect (Solutions Team): Development team lead designing 3rd generation validation framework for a number of platform/form-factors. Deploying every 2wks. Supporting individual world-wide installations and bring up a global instance.

Technologies: SOA/Microservices, REST; Python, CherryPy, Bottle; Sqlite; HTML5; Riak

Build Lead (Automation Team): Technical lead for project software build, test, and release. Environment uses Python and SVN running on vmWare virtual (Linux) machines. Responsibilities include branch management, configuration, versioning, and SDK packaging.

Technologies: Metaphor Design, Python, Django, REST/XML/XPATH, SQL, SVN, Hg

Sr. Software Engineer (Integration Team): Managed and developed systems to drive efficient circuit design across entire chip design team. Developed a GUI platform for integrating design solutions. These solutions ranged from report viewers, database interfaces, and schematic/layout circuit editors. System provided integration between solutions for maximum design efficiency.

Technologies: OOD, GUI Design, C++, Qt, SQLite3

Sr. Software Engineer (Environment Team):  Responsible for multiple chip design teams' development infrastructure and environment. Helped develop the program and development environment for a leading-edge chip design team and its proliferations. System used AFS, code versioning, and release control mechanisms to allow multiple projects to share one development environment and across multiple sites around the world. Fully automated infrastructure for project management. 10k line Perl system with modules. System supports 500 engineers doing leading-edge chip design. Provided information to senior staff for management action.

Technologies: Environment Development, Linux, Perl, Shell

Mt. Hood Community College
Winter 1996 - Fall 1998
26000 SE Stark St
Gresham, OR 97030
503 491 6422

Part-Time Instructor: Created curriculum for classes on Basic, Intermediate and Advanced HTML, JavaScript, and CGI Programming with Perl. Emphasis on understanding the simplicity and power of the World Wide Web and its related technologies. Created all student class materials: Self-guided web page tutorials, lecture content, and PowerPoint presentations.

Concepts: Networks, Design/Presentation, HTML, JavaScript, CGI

Classroom Experience: Lectured to all classes. Varying knowledge levels necessitated simple explanations for complex ideas. Consistently received >95% positive student feedback.

CorVel Corporation
Oct. 1994 - June 1996
1300 SW Fifth, Suite 2500
Portland, OR 97201
503 222 3144

Programmer / Librarian (Software Team): Assigned to distribute and control the release of upgrades of the company's main product to its fifty data processing sites throughout the US. Main focus on automating the process through creation of tools and scripts. Assigned to the team charged with analyzing the company's current software and moving and enhancing to Delphi 2.0. Concurrent assignment was to improve the efficiency and accuracy and to speed the creation of current and new reports needed by various departments data processing sites throughout the company. This was achieved through scripting and mentoring.

Technologies: VMS, DCL, Dibol, Crystal Reports, Object Pascal


Languages: Python, Javascript, Erlang (beginner)

Web: SOA, Microservices, REST, JSON

Data: Social Network Analysis, Linked Data

Methodologies:  Metaphoric, OOD, Functional

Teams: Agile, Small/Large, Cross-Site