Everyone has one you know.... 

I suppose I can summarize it as utilitarian. I am with Robert Ingersoll (19th century freethinker) who's creed was:

Happiness is the only good; reason the only torch, justice the only worship, humanity the only religion, and love the only priest.

I like to imagine myself a freethinker, lacking in all dogmas, and hopefully empathetic. I align (roughly) with Noam Chomsky as a Libertarian Socialist. (At the most ridiculously generic level check out the differences between communism 1b and capitalism; where would you prefer to be?) That said, I voted in 2000 for Nader (which hardly mattered here in Oregon, thank you very much!) and Kerry in 2004 -- as Bush was, and is, bad enough to warrant my disvote.

So, I am generally for all the things normally associated with "liberals": welfare, tax the rich, money for science and arts; and I am for much more: really tax the rich, really really tax the corporations, universal health care, universal schooling through 4yrs of college, much reduced military complex, real world government (in the mean time, drop the IMF and World Bank and enhance/improve/utilize the UN), affirmative action, rehabilitation over retribution, etc.

I do think humans are social animals and hence are "good at heart". In general, I try to do as little harm as possible, some anonymous good when possible, and try to always set a good example for my children.