I am an assistant professor of theoretical philosophy at the Institute for Philosophy in Magdeburg, Germany, where I administrate the Philosophy-Neuroscience-Cognition Bachelor program. I am also the Principal Investigator of the DFG-funded international collaboration project on "Models of Mechanisms in Computational Neuroscience". My area of specialization is philosophy of cognitive science, spanning methodological issues in psychology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, as well as metaphysical issues concerning the nature of mind and its relation to the body and the environment, and the nature and possibility of machine intelligence. I also regularly collaborate with psychologists to write theoretical papers in cognitive and developmental psychology.

The primary aim of my research thus far has been to develop a philosophical account of scientific explanation in cognitive science, with an emphasis on empirical and modeling work in embodied and situated cognition, network neuroscience, evolutionary robotics, Bayesian statistical modeling, and the dynamical systems approach to cognition. I have argued that these research areas are unified in their attempt to discover and describe mechanisms, exploring the role of mathematical models and computer simulations in the discovery and description of mechanisms. Recently, I have also become more interested in the nature and possibility of machine intelligence. To this end, I explore recent developments in artificial intelligence--especially machine learning--and aim to articulate some of their philosophical implications. Among others, I argue that machine learning methods are uniquely well-suited for bringing about truly intelligent systems. In a nascent book project, I also intend to explore in detail the symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and the other branches of cognitive science, e.g. in the research areas of Explainable AI, brain-inspired AI, and neural decoding.

Until October 2015 I was a visiting professor (W3-Vertretung) and Humboldt postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, Germany. In 2011 I received a PhD in philosophy of cognitive science from Indiana University, Bloomington. Before that, I studied for an MA in philosophy of mind from the University of Warwick, and a BA in computer science and philosophy from Cornell University.

When not working, I am usually riding my bike.