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Text to speech site: Set it to Czech - Eliška  - Type in a Czech word and she'll say it for you.


Virtual keyboard (allows you to type Czech letters) 


The Little Prince in Czech (Also available in English so you can read them side by side)

Brown University Czech Literary Anthology BROKEN LINK - looking for replacement. Email me if you know where it's gone!


Declination Explanation

Search for Declination of individual nouns/pronouns. (try to learn the rules and then use this to check, or for something irregular.. If you depend on it every time you'll never learn!)

Grammar of Czech as a Foreign Language by Karel Tahal
- Fancy a little light reading before bed? Tough. Here's a whole book about Czech Grammar.

Another grammar book (you lucky duck)

Some very helpful PDFs  the bulk of a course in Czech


Listen to Czech Radio Stations Online


Czech TV

Youtube videos: 

Modrá je dobrá - Easy song, good practice with gender, mostly in nominative case and videos including pictures of what he is singing about. Here are the lyrics.

Peppa Pig - Children's cartoon; very easy to understand even if you didn't speak a word of Czech.