Welcome to the Cy Woods NHS official website!

Reminder NHS members:
Our next meeting is Wednesday the 14th at 6:30pm and  Thursday the 15th at 6:40am.

Volunteer at  the CyWoods concession stands. Help tutor at the Cat Shack! Knock out those hours!
Have any ideas for events? Notify us at cywoodsnhs@gmail.com

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President: Allison Gibson
Vice President: Erin McGregor
Secretary: Ashley Butterfield
Treasurer: Molly Malota
Choose the statement that you think shows the most potential for being a successful NHS officer. Tomorrow there will be a ballot in which you write down the one you liked the best and this will go towards helping Mrs. Self determine the 2015-2016 NHS officers. 

Welcome back members! Our next meeting is Oct. 14th, so stay tuned for updates!

Use the navigation bar at left to get the information you need. If any forms, files, or information is inaccurate/missing, let us know! We'd love to fix it.  

Make sure you print off the permission form to turn in by Oct.23rd.  

Also, don't forget your dues of $25! WE ONLY ACCEPT CASH. You will turn both into an enevlope with your name on it. 

Permission Forms are under "Forms" Tab!

Please see the "Meeting Schedule" tab on the left for meeting dates.
Wednesday meetings are held at 6:30 PM, and Thursday meetings are held at 6:40 AM.

April Agenda 
-Cy Woods Cat Shack- (tutoring during lunches) 
-Farney Spring Fling- (April 11th)
-Kirk Elem. Spring Festival (April 18th)
-ROPES Summer Camp (must apply by May 1st)
   *necessary forms will be uploaded soon
-ACT Testing room setup- meet at Mrs. Self's room after school on April 17th
-SAT Testing room setup- meet at Mrs. Self's room after school on May 1st
-Frequent opportunities for school service under Mrs. Underwood (room 2515)
-Track Concessions 

-15 school hours and 5 community hours
-For the hours you didn't finish last semester, there is a 5 hour penalty plus all the hours you didn't finish
-School hours from within CFISD, but not from Cy Woods, can count for a max of 5 school hours (otherwise community hours)
-You can always stop by Mrs. Self's room to check hours

Please see the "Service Opportunities" tab on the left for opportunities that are also posted in Mrs. Self's room.

Every member is allowed ONE free pass to miss one meeting PER year.
Members who miss meetings can stop by Mrs. Self's room and pick up the agenda and any hand-outs from the meeting. 
NHS Officers:
Allison Gibson (President)
Erin McGregor (Vice-President)
Ashley Butterfield (Secretary)
Molly Malota (Treasurer)
If you are in need of a business card or are looking to turn in your hours, visit Mr. Self's room (2209)!
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Join our Facebook Group (Cy-Woods NHS) and our Twitter (@cywoodsnhs) to stay up to date with all things NHS! 

Have ideas for this site? Email CyWoodsNHS@gmail.com and share them. We'll try our best to accommodate you.


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