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9th Indo-US, Bangalore

"Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine"
Manipal Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Manipal University
National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Bangalore, India
July 19-25, 2008

Drs. L. Scott Cram, Indresh Kaur, Awtar Krishan, William Telford and Vincent Shankey from the USA, Dr. Vivek Tanavde from Singapore and Dr. Michael Ormerod from the UK supported by local faculty (Drs. H Krishnamurthy, Annapoorni Rangarajan, Satish Totey and Sudhir Krishna) presented lectures on applications of flow cytometry in stem cell research.

In the lab, a team of instructors supported by engineers and technicians provided by the host institution and Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson and Guava Technologies demonstrated the various methods used in the cellular analysis of: 1. Cell Cycle and proliferation, 2. Phenotype and markers, 3. Apoptosis, 4. Stem cells, 5. Quality control and data collection and interpretation.

A major focus of the lab demonstrations was to teach the methods for the study of Side Populations (SP-stem cells) from hematopoietic/embryonic tissues and tumor cell lines and tumors. The students were taught the use of electronic cell volume for the detection of primitive stem cells. Methods for rapid analysis of cell cycle, DNA aneuploid and proliferation were taught. Invitrogen, Inc had sent Dr. Vo, who lectured on the use of the new rapid proliferation CLICK assay. Dr. Krishan illustrated the use of electronic volume for the study of very small stem cells in hematopoietic tissues. Dr. Vincent Shankey demonstrated the use of flow cytometry for the study of signal transduction and kinases. Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson and Invitrogen provided reagents, dyes and antibodies for the demonstrations.

Out of 63 applicants, 31 were selected for attendance.
A book based on presentations made in this workshop and edited by Drs. Krishan, Krishnamurthy and Totey was published by John Wiley and Sons.

9th Indo-US, Bangalore