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2nd Turkish-US Workshop

"Advanced Flow Cytometry"
Marmara University, School of Medicine
Istanbul, Turkey
September 3-8, 2009

The main aim of this workshop was to interface faculty from abroad with Turkish colleagues for teaching of latest methods for flow cytometric evaluation of clinical material. Lectures from podium were followed by afternoon lab sessions where the faculty assisted by technicians and engineers, demonstrated a variety of new methods used for flow cytometric analysis of cells.

We demonstrated methods for specimen preparation, flow analysis and data interpretation and use of color compensation. Labs demonstrated methods for study of cell proliferation, cell cycle, phenotype analysis, use of flow in organ transplantation, cytokine monitoring, chromosome sorting, stem cell analysis and evaluation of marker expression in malignant cells.

Several new methods for study of cell proliferation by flow cytometry and for analysis of normal and tumor stem cells were demonstrated. The use of flow for tissue matching in solid organ transplantation along with issues related to quality control and reproducibility were discussed. The use of marker panels for diagnostic evaluation of leukemia was demonstrated.

We had 32 students with advanced knowledge of cytology in the wet labs. We taught them latest methods in flow analysis of normal and tumor cells. We discussed and distributed protocols for their use. In general, we raised the level of their proficiency in performing flow analysis of normal and tumor cells. These 32 students from different parts of Turkey in turn will teach their colleagues and share their knowledge.

2nd Turkish-US Workshop