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14th Indo-US Workshop

October 18-19, 2013
Medanta, The Medicity
Gurgaon, Delhi NCR India

The 14th Indo-US Workshops were held in three different locations in Gurgaon-Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Chennai in India. Our first workshop (Oct 18-20) was hosted by the Medanta Medical Center, Medanta City in Gurgaon and organized by Pranav Dorwal, Ritesh Sachdev and Vimarsh Raina. The local faculty from Delhi (R. Kumar, U. Sachdev, V. Raina, R. Gupta, S. Mohanty, S. Paul, A. Handoo, A. Chopra, D. K. Raman) and Bombay (S. Gujral, M. Madkaiker, P. Tembhare, K. Sehgal, N.Patkar) were complemented by visiting faculty from the USA (B. Wood, W.Telford and A.Krishan). We had 125 attendees in the symposium and 75 students from all over India registered for the wet lab on “Applications of flow cytometry in monitoring of Transplantation Antigens”. Besides lectures from the podium presented by the local and visiting faculty, Sumeet Gujral and Paresh Jain organized a case presentation and panel discussion on hematopoietic tumors.

The second 14th Indo-US workshop (October 21-26) was hosted by the Institute of Life Sciences in Bhubaneswar under the leadership of B. Ravindran and organized by Satish Devdas and S. Sehrawat. 100 attendees registered for the symposium held in conjunction with The 6th Annual meeting of the Cytometry Society-India. There were 32 registered attendees for the wet labs on applications of laser flow cytometry in bio-medical research. Faculty from abroad (Z. Maciorowski. V. Tanavde, M. Ormerod, J. Trotter, A. Krishan) were joined by local faculty from different parts of India (S. Chiplunkar, S. Sehrawat) H. Krishnamurthy. M. Chatterjee, R. Gaur, H. Agrawal, P. Jain, U. Pati, S. Arora, K. Sehgal, S. Gujral and S. Rath, U. Chatterji, B. Ravindran, P. Tembhare).

The third 14th Indo-US workshop (Oct 28-30) was in Chennai at Sri Ramachandra University and organized by Ganesh Venkatraman. There were 125 attendees, of whom 72 were registered for the wet labs. Visiting faculty from abroad (Z. Maciorowski. V. Tanavde, A. Krishan) were joined by Indian faculty (H. Agrawal, Latha Rangan, H. Krishnamurthy).